A plugged-in tipster directs us to the ADCO Group’s website for the proposed Cathedral Hill Tower (1481 Post Street). Think summary, FAQs (“We hope to get our final permits sometime in 2008, so we expect that the project will be completed by 2010”), and a complete rundown of community meetings (both past and future).

6 thoughts on “The Official Cathedral Hill Tower (1481 Post Street) Website”
  1. If only they could tear down the nasty buildings on either side…or at the very least completely redesign the ground floors. That whole area screams, “Hey you! Why are you walking around here!”

  2. The building on the right is an Eichler, so that won’t be going anywhere soon. You should take a look at it — nice grounds, great floor plans, overall nice building.

  3. Which building on the right are you talking about? The building at the corner of Gough/Geary is a nasty thing set atop a parking lot with walls to the street. The Sequoias on the other side is not incredibly pretty either, but the way it meets the street is the real crime. It’s a gated community that kills street life. I’m not sure where the “nice grounds” are with either building – perhaps gated inside above the parking lots?

  4. Brutus must have thought you were talking about the building to the right of the cathedral, which is an Eichler building.

  5. Given that the building at corner of Gough/Geary (1388 Gough) is NOT an Eichler – – who actually did design it? For that matter, who designed the 30-story tower at 1200 Gough (opposite corner of Gough/Geary)?

  6. 1200 Gough was designed by DMJM’s LA office with Karl Treffinger as lead. Treffinger did several projects for Eichler, this not being one of them, though.

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