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According to a plugged-in tipster, One South Park has been taking soft reservations for a month or two, is converting to contracts this week, and should be ready for occupancy in late August or early September (with a model unit opening within the next two weeks).
Interactive floor plans denote eighteen (18) of the thirty-five (35) condos currently reserved and one (#407) “sold” (likely a developer’s unit). Some representative two-bedroom pricing:
∙ One South Park #205 (2/2) 1,402 sqft – $1,250,000 ($892/sqft) “Reserved”
∙ One South Park #301 (2/2) 1,096 sqft – $1,050,000 ($958/sqft) “Reserved”
∙ One South Park #304 (2/2) 1,162 sqft – $1,200,000 ($1033/sqft) “Reserved”
∙ One South Park #305 (2/2) 1,402 sqft – $1,375,000 ($981/sqft) “Reserved”
∙ One South Park #307 (2/2) 1,570 sqft – $1,500,000 ($955/sqft) “Reserved”
∙ One South Park #311 (2/2) 1,098 sqft – $995,000 ($906/sqft)
∙ One South Park #402 (2/2.5) 1,348 sqft – $1,495,000 ($1109/sqft)
∙ One South Park #403 (2/2.5) 1,353 sqft – $1,495,000 ($1105/sqft)
∙ One South Park #410 (2/2) 1,264 sqft – $1,375,000 ($1088/sqft) “Reserved”
One South Park will offer parking through a mix of car stackers (20 spaces) and deeded stalls. And in case you’re not all that familiar, some readers’ input on stackers in general.
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6 thoughts on “One South Park: Reservations, Floor Plans And Even A Few Prices”
  1. This development should certainly help the area become more of a neighborhood. Now if only there would be a clean up of South Park itself. It makes it slightly less enticing to use the park when there is always a cast of characters getting progressively more ‘faced all day long.

  2. These are big numbers on a dollar/sq.ft. basis. It will be interesting to see how many of these reservations convert to contract. What amenities does this building have?

  3. I’d say, those are high $/sq ft given this softening market. However, the location is good, I suppose.
    The area would be a perfect little neighborhood if that park was cleaned up. I feel icky whenever I walk through there, like I’d step on a needle or something.
    Sigh. I know, everyone has rights.
    I’d buy over there if I thought that park would get cleaned up, and maybe with this development it would but then again, “everyone has rights”.
    And the park has been like that, even with more expensive gentrified buildings that came in the 1990s..

  4. Has anyone checked out the building yet? It seems like they have same standard appliances that a lot of the new developments offer (e.g., Bosch appliances, Studio Becker cabinets, etc.).

  5. there is a concerted effort to work with supervisor daly to get south park cleaned up. i am skeptical he will ever take a stand against his own people however.

  6. SouthPark has too many cars clogging it up for my taste. I’m disappointed that with all the construction South of Market there is still very little community. No nice streets to walk on, all still one way; every street feels like a traffic sewer. I long for nice new construction in older neighborhoods like Cole Valley, Noe, Lower and Upper Haight etc etc..

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