73 Lobos
73 Lobos: Deck
It’s not particularly large (800 square feet), but 73 Lobos looks quite livable, well kept (with some great woodwork), and an unwarranted one bedroom in-law down. Plus, we’re loving the deck, yard and little shed out back. As usual, don’t forget our invitations to the housewarming (we’re calling dibs on the deck chairs).
And yes, we think it has been underpriced (all things considered).
UPDATE (8/5): Closed escrow on 7/26/07 with a contract price of $635,000 (6% over asking).
∙ Listing: 73 Lobos (2/1) – $599,000 [Barbagelata] [MLS]

3 thoughts on “We’re Calling Dibs On The Deck Chairs (73 Lobos)”
  1. This house is in a [Removed by Editor] neighborhood. First, it is always foggy there so dont be fooled by the sunny pic. Second, the area is near a gangland crack cocaine area called “OMI”. Ask any cop about that area and its crime problems.

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