It has been almost two years since our last reader survey (in which the majority of respondents predicted an increase in housing prices through the end of 2007). During that time we’ve gone from attracting 10,000 unique visitors a month to well over 10,000 a day. And while we think we know who you are (and write accordingly), it’s past time we find out for sure. As such, we’re asking for your help with a quick (and painless) reader survey: SocketSite’s Reader Survey: June 2007.
Please help us understand who you are (and what you think). We promise not to share your information (except in the aggregate), that it won’t take you but a few minutes to complete, and that we’ll listen to your suggestions (as best we can). Regardless, and as always, thank you for “plugging in.” You’re the best (and we don’t need no stinkin’ survey to tell us that).
UPDATE: Damn that SurveyMonkey. Our apologies to anyone that experienced any difficulty submitting their survey (either because of validation errors or overloaded servers). If you were able to complete the survey, thank you! And if not, we can only hope that you’ll consider giving it another try as we have restructured the questions that originally required (but did not always allow for) a “whole number” response.
SocketSite’s Reader Survey: June 2007 [SurveyMonkey]
Survey Says… [SocketSite]

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