13th and Harrison
1. “Anybody know what’s up at 13th & Harrison (across from the esteemed Eagle)? The ramshackle building on the corner (part of the whole block complex that’s been fenced off for years) was finally demolished this weekend. Including all the defunct buildings on the site (the only functioning business on the block is the U-Haul lot off 11th), it’s a huge slice of SOMA; anything interesting in the works?”
2. “I noticed that Sports Basement is moving out from their warehouse on 16th and De Haro St at the bottom of Potrero Hill. Jamba Juice corporate offices warehouse that occupied the other half of the same block is also vacant as of few months ago…it makes me wonder if there is another big condo project about to commence. Any “plugged-in” knowledge?”

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  1. Posted by wayne

    With respect to the sports basement site, Condos will be going in there but not anytime soon. That has been in planning for a couple of years already but is held up in the eastern neighborhoods EIR. It will likely be a few more years before construction will even begin. Same developer as 188 King.

  2. Posted by diemos

    Well, the structure at 13th and Harrison was on fire a couple of months ago. So, my guess would be that the owners decided it was a loss and a homeless magnet and tore it down.

  3. Posted by JKD

    The Jamba Juice space (32,000 square feet at 1700 17th St.) has been rennovated and is being leased out as office. Asking rate is $34 a square foot. It has 24 parking spaces.

  4. Posted by sidney W.

    Don’t know what’s going in where Sports Basement is, but they’re moving over behind the post office annex at 15th and Bryant. They’ve had a sign up there for a while and looks like renovation is just recently complete.

  5. Posted by Elizabeth

    The Sports Basement website says “Potrero Hill {Opening Early July 2007} 1590 Bryant St. Between 15th & 16th Street” and that 16th St store is “moving soon.” They also have a store in the Presidio near the old PX.

  6. Posted by tenspeedsf

    I heard that the present Sports Basement location (16th and De Haro) was always meant to be just a temporary solution until their new digs were ready.

  7. Posted by Norfolkresident

    I’ve heard the plans for the 13th St. site are a strip mall, and the owner was hesitant to take down the abandonded buildings until the city approved those plans. Trying to use blight as leverage, I suppose.
    I haven’t heard anything about the development plans moving forward, and I would think the neighborhood email lists would be all over that if it happened. Most seem opposed to the strip mall idea.

  8. Posted by CREO

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the 13th & Harrison site became another suburban-style big box chain store like Best Buy or Costco.
    The City has already allowed this area to be crammed with horribly designed megacorporate stores and their enormous parking lots. Why would they stop now?

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