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As an industry tipster notes, after a few weeks of simply redirecting folks to the Coldwell Banker website, the Droubi brand (and website) is back (albeit with a few fewer agents): “Working together as the Droubi Team out of their private office on 24th Street, BJ and Lamisse Droubi, together with David Pennebaker, will continue the family tradition of serving our community’s real estate needs with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.”
Local Brokerage Consolidation: Droubi Acquired By Coldwell Banker [SocketSite]

8 thoughts on “<strike>BJ Droubi</strike> <strike>Droubi Real Estate</strike> Droubi Team”
  1. hmmm… I think Coldwell Banker cut their ad budget… this site is much less robust than the previous one (which was awesome!).
    Also, under “Our Team” there are only 3 people there? Does that mean all of the other agents quit?
    Not really sure why they sold out — except for short-term gain. Long term, I think it’s a bad move for their business.

  2. I wouldn’t list with that agent if she were the last one on Earth and would pass on a house that I wanted if she were the listing agent.
    We went into an Open House of hers during the “BOOM” and she was aloof and visibly uninterested in our interest in the property. It was an unpleasant experience to say the least.

  3. It’s simple, folks — BJ is back in the business, after a hiatus — she sold her Brokerage off to Coldwell Banker, and she, her daughter, and David are back as ‘The Droubi Team’ at Coldwell Banker. I, for one, am happy to see the ‘orange’ back in action!

  4. BJ did not sell to CB,she sold it a year ago to Lamisse, her husband, and Paul. It is those owners who sold to CB. BJ is back because Sonoma was a failure, and retirement did not suit her.

  5. The sale of the company was a great reward for the owners and builders of the Droubi brand. I dont know how much it helps the agents, who name is not directly associated with BJ – lamisee and david pennebaker.
    A big part of the droubi brand was they were not a north of california street agency, now the agents are jsut another part of the borg.
    Resistance is futile! Will all agents will be absorbed into the borg of NRT, I think that is who owns the Coldwell brand. Or Reology, or
    Don’t you want to know who owns the company you are doing business with? Let’s keep it local, let’s keep it real. The internet is great leveling tool to keep the profits from real estate in the local economy.

  6. There are some great local brokerages in town, Zephyr, Herth, Vanguard and Paragon to name a few.

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