207 King Street Bathroom
Prices on four of the five newly converted condos at Glassworks (207 King) have been reduced (again), and this time “substantially” (as in up to another $200,000). Total reductions now range from 10% ($100,000) to 26% ($395,000), and the price per square foot has dropped from as high as $1,104 to as low as $764.
∙ Listing: 207 King Street #411 (1/2) 1,461 sqft – $1,195,000 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 207 King Street #412 (1/2) 987 sqft – $895,000 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 207 King Street #414 (1/2) 1,172 sqft – $1,050,000 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 207 King Street #415 (1/2) 1,440 sqft – $1,100,000 [MLS]
The Glassworks (207 King Street) [SocketSite]
Glassworks (207 King): 3 Years Paid HOA And Further Reductions [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by tipster

    At least one major Alt-A lender collapsed yesterday, so who knows if it’s the start of something major, or will only result in a bit more tightening than has already happened. If Alt-A lending really starts to tighten up, the entire city could end up with similarly lower prices.
    These guys are smart to get ahead of the curve. In a few more months, lending might be a whole different ball game.

  2. Posted by redseca2

    With the exception of unit 411, which is like the other units but has a glazed corner living room, these units provide very similar (identical)finishes and amenities, with varying layouts that come out in sizes from 987 SF to 1461 SF. So the variations of price per SF, from $764 to $907 seem a bit mysterious, and if I was a buyer, would not be inclined to past that low end cost per SF.
    I actually like these units because, while you get a lot of glass on the street frontage, you also get one of those windowless spaces. I have more than enough good books to completely fill one of those as a library, and the books won’t be ruined by the sunlight.

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    I was wondering when socketsite would pick this up…
    This place has very nice finishes compared to other large projects around the ball park. If you are planning to live here for a very long time and don’t mind walking across that ridiculously wide and busy street after you park your car everyday, these units should provide a comfortable setting. You just have to forget about it being an investment. How often do we see 1 bd den asking for over a million, (especially without any amenities or pkg, not even a doorman)? Yes these are larger, but for the same price and much less monthly fee I can get a REAL 2 bd with full amenities at the Infinity or other projects coming right up at better locations. These units will eventually find buyers, just not at this price. There are four 1200 sq.ft bi-level units upstairs in this building asking for around 900k and they are not moving.

  4. Posted by Sal

    Details for #411 & 415 show pics for what seem to be two different kitchens. (The same two different kitchens pictured in both MLS listings.) The refrigerator/oven setup are swapped. The cooktop is a different color.
    Do both units have two kitchens? or are these just sloppy MLS listings?
    Which is it?
    Of course, that’s nothing compared to the flyer I picked up on Telegraph Hill a weekend or two ago that said the place for sale was on THBlvd with a cross-street of 23rd St.
    Um. I know where 23rd St. is and it’s nowhere near here, I said to the agent.
    “Oh. No, it isn’t. I don’t know how that happened.”

  5. Posted by redseca2

    Yes, the pictures are messed up. If you download the plans you can sort of determine:
    411 – the first kitchen image is wrong, there is actually a column (partially projecting as a concrete pilaster) between the fridge and line of cabinetry. The second and third could be okay, but they include that sink shot with every listing.
    415 – This unit is ‘almost’ a mirror to 411, so none of these images, except for that popular and sexy sink closeup can be right.
    This is actually an improvement. For the longest time, these units (and other 4– series units no longer available) were all being marketed with the same short set of images, even when at first glance they couldn’t be right. Often developers will use the images of the first unit to be completed (or even a mock-up) to start the marketing for the project. At least this is better than photoshop renderings.
    So I was sort of pleased to see that they had added a few “real” pictures that seem to match the floor plans, and now you can get a sense of the views. Only they left in some of the stock early shots that don’t match to play with our minds.

  6. Posted by Anonymous

    Not sure what you are asking, but each unit has only 1 kitchen. 411 and 415 have pretty much the same layout in opposite direction. What happened before was that they used the picture of the best looking kitchen (#413) and put it under some other units. And they did the same swapping with the pictures of the views. I could understand this with a project of 300 units because you can’t take a photo of every single unit. But Glassworks has only 5 units. There’s no excuse for putting out fake photos that doesn’t represent the actual deal.

  7. Posted by be

    I actually like these layouts compared to the ones that sold right when Glassworks opened. I heard these condos where converted from office space?
    From the pics, they look amazing. Does anyone know if the developer is still throwing in 3 years HOA/Parking and lower finance rates? If so, this is a great deal.
    I would love to know the scoop from plugged in readers

  8. Posted by redseca2

    Okay, I am a fan of these units too, but suddenly realized one of the downsides of “converted from office space”.
    Am I wrong, but as carefully as I look at the window system, I do not see any operable windows. Can it be the case that you only have mechanical ventilation? I thought that was not allowed by code for residential spaces.

  9. Posted by Buynextyear

    Yes, These apartments are quite stylish–what with ther lux/industrial pillar in the middle of the window and all.
    Also, is there a gap between the window and the wall allowing you to squeeze from room to room? It certainly doesn’t look like a door.

  10. Posted by Hiya

    Of note is that there’s $544 HOA fees and a $295 monthly charge for leased parking. That’s a hefty addition to the total package if you ask me.

  11. Posted by Anonymous

    Actually, the HOA fees are from $590 to $777.

  12. Posted by mark

    Some of the windows are operable, but only the lowest portion. You can see cranks on one of them in a few of the photos.

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