A reader asks, “[I] saw some super demolition on 10th [between] Mission and Market, any idea what’s going to be there?” While another wonders, “On the 100 block of Mason Street I saw some city meeting announcement signs a few months ago announcing two mid-rise condo projects going in at what was a surface parking lot. Now the lot is closed, and workers are jackhammering out the concrete and surveying the site. Any idea what is going on over here?” We’re drawing a blank. Readers?

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  1. Not sure where it stands, but Market is about to boom. Also, 1540 Market parcels being assembled for potential 35-story bldg.
    “1407-1435 Market Street – southwest corner, Lot 041 (a portion of the former Lot 039) in Assessor’s Block 3507 – The proposed project is (1) the demolition of the existing office buildings and surface parking lot and (2) the construction of two buildings sharing a common base and containing approximately 719 dwelling units, approximately 19,000 square feet of commercial space, and a garage with up to 668 parking spaces. The taller north tower will be 35 stories and approximately 352 feet high, and the shorter south tower will be 19 stories and approximately 220 feet high. The project requires review under Section 309 of the Planning Code for compliance and exceptions, conditional use authorization, and variances from certain requirements of the Planning Code. The project site is within the C-3-G (Downtown General Commercial) District and 200-S and 320-S Height and Bulk Districts.
    (proposed for Continuance to March 8, 2007)”

  2. There will be four buildings and four retail spaces. The largest will be 35 stories on the market st side and the other three will be 9, 18, and 19 stories. It’s being promoted as luxury condos.

  3. Today’s SF Business Times has an article about the project. It contains a total of 720 units, divided between a market-rate component on the Market St. side and a low income component on the southern portion of the lot. Crescent Heights is the developer of the market-rate units; Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp. is building the low-income units.
    It strikes me as a welcome and much-needed infusion of vitality to the area, especially since the Trinity Plaza project a few blocks down has bogged down in wrangling over the number of BMR units.

  4. “Crescent Heights has begun demolition at 10th and Market streets and plans to begin construction on a $350 million, 720-unit condo project this summer pending approvals at a Planning Commission hearing on March 22, according to company Vice President Steve Della Salla.
    The project has not generated as much attention or controversy as the proposed 1,900-unit Trinity Plaza project at Eighth and Market streets, but promises to inject new life into a forlorn stretch of Market that has resisted redevelopment for decades.”

  5. Has anyone seen any renderings that have been put together showing what that area is expected to look like when completed (sort of like the Transbay/Rincon Hill renderings for that neighborhood)?

  6. “125 MASON STREET – west side between Ellis and Eddy Streets, Lot 018 (formerly Lot 4 and a portion of Lot 3) in Assessor’s Block 0331 – Adoption of a Mitigated Negative Declaration pursuant to CEQA and Request for Planning Code Section 309 Determinations of Compliance with Exceptions for the construction of a 14-story, approximately 130-foot tall building containing 81 affordable dwelling units for families and parking for 13 automobiles and one loading van. Common usable open space would be provided in two terraces on the second floor and in a 9th floor deck.”

    -I know through my job that these units are off-site BMRs for 301 Mission St. (and another project that I can’t remember right now). They are being developed with help from Grace Cathedral and Rev. Williams.

  7. Also, don’t forget that the Argenta is currently under construction across the street from this project, with SoMa Grand and Symphony Towers about two or three blocks away on either side.

  8. The site on Mason Street is actually two projects, both developed by the Glide Church people. One is a residential structure for families, the other is a residential structure for homeless. The family building is slated for construction first (which is the one with some excavation work now), with the homeless building shortly following.
    The family building is being developed in part by Millenium Partners – the development helps to fulfill their requirement for the affordable units they didn’t want included in their other projects.

  9. One can’t fully appreciate the scale of the change about to occur along that section of Market Street without considering the massive westward expansion of the retail district that’s about to occur as well.
    It is my understanding, a half dozen or so major national retailers are looking to set up shop on the 900 & 1000 blocks of Market Street (5th-7th)
    Leading the movement into no-mans-land is likely to be Target. Target is about ready to publically announce plans to open a “flagship” store between 5th and 6th. (on the site of the old theaters, i think..)
    I vaguely remember hearing some of the other names looking in the area were: Kohls, Ciurcut City and yes.. Wal-Mart!
    I can hear the poverty activists screaming already…

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