San Francisco Planning Department Special Meeting: March8, 2007

A plugged-in tipster notes that the San Francisco Planning Department has called a Special Meeting for Thursday. And as best we can tell, it’s an “Informational hearing on the occupancy of the Mission Armory by a film production studio (d.b.a.”

As our tipster notes, perhaps the meeting has something to do with all the press. Or perhaps the neighborhood activists are suddenly pro-development. In either case, you can watch the fun unfold online (both the meeting and the kink).

4 thoughts on “Planning Department Special Meeting: Mission Armory Edition”
  1. WOW- considering the use falls under the current zoning, I can’t imagine what can be done but speaking of insanity in city hall – did anyone catch the land use committee’s resolution to include ALL housing developments in the Affordable Housing Program…Meaning that all projects from a single family home, remodel over 50% and up to multi-unit developments will require Inclusionary Housing, no exceptions.
    Very scary, it would mean the end of small construction in the city…I hope everyone wants to live in a highrise!
    [Editor’s Note: We’ll have more on the proposed Affordable Housing legislation tomorrow, but it would not affect single family homes (just projects of 2+ units).]

  2. “the proposed legislation would not affect single family homes”
    You might want to double check. According to the sfnewsletter it affects all properties including SFRs!
    [Editor’s Note: We did. And it doesn’t.]

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