San Francisco Planning Department Special Meeting: March8, 2007

A plugged-in tipster notes that the San Francisco Planning Department has called a Special Meeting for Thursday. And as best we can tell, it’s an “Informational hearing on the occupancy of the Mission Armory by a film production studio (d.b.a.”

As our tipster notes, perhaps the meeting has something to do with all the press. Or perhaps the neighborhood activists are suddenly pro-development. In either case, you can watch the fun unfold online (both the meeting and the kink).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    WOW- considering the use falls under the current zoning, I can’t imagine what can be done but speaking of insanity in city hall – did anyone catch the land use committee’s resolution to include ALL housing developments in the Affordable Housing Program…Meaning that all projects from a single family home, remodel over 50% and up to multi-unit developments will require Inclusionary Housing, no exceptions.
    Very scary, it would mean the end of small construction in the city…I hope everyone wants to live in a highrise!
    [Editor’s Note: We’ll have more on the proposed Affordable Housing legislation tomorrow, but it would not affect single family homes (just projects of 2+ units).]

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    Will we get to see examples of the new tenant’s work at this meeting???

  3. Posted by Anonymous

    Yeah or more work on SFRs gets done on the sly with no permits!

  4. Posted by Anna

    “the proposed legislation would not affect single family homes”
    You might want to double check. According to the sfnewsletter it affects all properties including SFRs!
    [Editor’s Note: We did. And it doesn’t.]

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