The listing agent for 99 Surrey drops us a note. Not to complain about the rather frank reader comments, but to thank us for the mention. They ended up with 200 people through the open house. Imagine that…

6 thoughts on “As Always, Don’t Forget Our Invitations To The Housewarming”
  1. I drove by and noticed that one side of the house is directly adjacent to a Muni Bus stop…No thanks! I wonder how much of that Open House traffic will translate into offers.

  2. Did you say it was next to the bus stop, or that it actually WAS the bus stop? Looks to be about the same size…

  3. I only knew about the property because of the posting and was one of the 200. I was very pleasantly surprised…as for Muni, I lived in Pac Heights on the #1 busline and even with double-paned windows, I could hear the bus at 5:30a.m. Point being – we live in the City – you’re going to get noise anywhere you live.

  4. I live in the city too, and right on a bus line, but I don’t hear the bus at 5:30 am: the bedrooms are in the back. With that place, there IS no back.

  5. Two words, soundproof windows. Works like wonders. Can’t even hear the harleys rumble by at least through the windows.

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