68 Fair Oaks
It’s a beautifully restored Victorian with modern furnishings (and nice photography). We’re fans.
UPDATE: And yes, there’s been a significant price cut (and apparently “light renovation”) from when this property was on the market last year.
∙ Listing: 68 Fair Oaks (5/4.5) – $3,200,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Wasn’t this house for sale last year with Bernie Katzman at Herth at around 2.8?

  2. Posted by Payton Stiewe

    Nope, it was 3.8 Million. After a light renovation and new staging this feels like a new house!

  3. Posted by Elizabeth

    Wow, could the photos be MORE digitally retouched? It looks like a video game.

  4. Posted by Anonymous

    the images were hardly retouched at all and taken using all natural light.

  5. Posted by Anonymous

    tax records show 3112 square feet.

  6. Posted by Anonymous

    maybe an addition?

  7. Posted by amused

    I don’t see any obvious retouching. They’re low-res, so I can’t tell, but they look color-corrected at most.
    Nice Victorian, if that’s what you’re into.

  8. Posted by Anonymous

    Wow, is it just me or do the images of the dining room look like renderings? What is causing the hot spots on the back walls? Is it some sort of spot lighting? Plus the marble pattern on the table is tiled and mirrored.

  9. Posted by Payton Stiewe

    Yes, there are down lights in the ceiling for future artwork and yes, the marble table is polished. May I recommend coming by Next Tuesday from 12-1:30 PM or the Following Sunday from 2-4 PM . Seeing it s believing it!

  10. Posted by Anonymous

    Payton….I love the photoghraphy you have on all of your listings and your website is great. Do you represent properties in the east bay?

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