1277 Arguello Boulevard Rooftop Lawn
Let’s see…a stunning (yes, stunning) renovation, chef’s kitchen (including dual ovens and dishwashers), huge master suite and panoramic views. What more could you want? Well, how about a “landscaped rooftop terrace & lawn.” Yes please.
∙ Listing: 1277 Arguello Blvd (3/2.5) – $1,699,000 [MLS]

21 thoughts on “You Had Us At “Landscaped Rooftop Terrace & Lawn” (1277 Arguello)”
  1. 1277 Arguello shows as having last sold for $700,000 in May of 2003, and is shown as 3,800 square feet. But doing the math on this place yields about 2,650 square feet. Must be an error somewhere.

  2. Gotta get your facts right. It was 1279 Arguello — the lower unit that was bought as a TIC — that sold for 700k and that place was 1,800 square feet. ‘Cause it was a TIC it was listed under 1277/1279 Arguello. 1277 has never been sold as a condo. Since the building was bought back in 2002 the owners gutted and did a sick build-out of what they now call the Penthouse.

  3. The sale in 2003 was for the downstairs unit. This listing is for the top two floors. I was at a party at this house – the views from the rooftop terrace are amazing and the sunsets are even better. And yes, that’s the GGB from the bathroom.

  4. Now I’m confused. If I understand correctly, the whole building is 3,800 sq. ft., and this unit is ~2,600, and there’s another unit below it with roughly 1,200. Is that right? So this is a TIC and not a condo?

  5. Here is the deal:
    The bottom CONDO, 1279, is approx. 1800 sq ft. sold as a TIC for $700K in 2003 and was subsequently converted.
    The top CONDO, 1277, the one for sale, is approx. 2,600 sq ft.

  6. does the 2,600 square feet include the outdoor terrace and grass area? 2,600 is huge for a condo. if not, does anyone know how big the outdoor is?

  7. No thanks. For $1.7M I could buy a house. Who needs a condo. You can barely see the GGB from the bathroom. It looks like just a partial view of the tower.

  8. 2600 sq ft does NOT include the roofdeck– the roofdeck has about 500 square feet of patio, and another 500 sq ft of grass, bringing the total exclusive indoor/outdoor sf ft to 3600! Plus, there is a HUGE (1,800 sq ft)garage, with four side-by-side parking spots (two per unit) and tons of storage (15ft ceilings) PLUS a shared landscaped back yard…
    Find me a house for $1.7M in Cole Valley/Inner Sunsent with 3600++ sf ft of indoor/outdoor space, a penthouse suite with view of the Pacific, Headlands, City and beyond, with all new kitchen, bathrooms, electric, plumbing, heat, 2 car garage, lanscaped garden, direct access to the N-Judah, and 2 blocks from the GGP for $1.7M ….
    I think I saw such a house at the corner of Neverland and Fantasy….
    This is the best deal in town!!

  9. OK sellers, knock it off!….(last comment)
    [Editor’s Note: For the record, and as long as they’re not pretending to be somebody else, sellers (and agents) are welcome to comment (especially when they’re answering other readers’ questions).]

  10. To Anon last night @ 1035p… Not me! But you’re still invited to the Broker’s Preview this Thursday 2/1 from 4-6p! GREGG LYNN

  11. That sky is photoshopped, as it the fire in the fireplace. $1.6M for a condo is pretty steep for that area, but it looks very nice. There was another condo in PacHeights that sold for around that price; killer upgrade, etc.. but no view, on Sacramento/Fillmore. I forget the listing exactly, but I’d take the location over view anyday. Good luck walking your dog at night over there.
    And agents involved with the property should kindly represent themselves acordingly. That grass may not be “astroturf” but some of these postings are: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing

  12. It’s a nice area during the day and on weekends. At night, there are some characters that spill over from the park / haight area and that whole area becomes a little sketchy. I’m not trying to knock the condo (its a sweet pad); I’m just questioning the value.
    Don’t want to kill the comps, but look at this single family property that sold a few months ago for under $1.6M that is about a 3 minute walk from this listing, and is on a quite block.
    Why on earth would you put up with a condo when for the same price or less you could get an awesome single family home? And this was 4 months ago when this place sold. It would probably sell for closer to asking now, or slightly below that $#.
    Seeing a comp like this has to make you wonder how on earth the agent can command that price. It’s nice, but you can get an awesome SFH in that area, or a just as nice condo in PacH for less (trading outdoor space for location):

  13. if the mls is right, this cole valley place is almost 2700 sf, inside. and its got 2 parking spots. The Beulah and Sacto properties are sweet, but not nearly as large even inside. pac heights is great, but for the same price you don’t get views, and not much of a deck. the sacto kitchen is nice looking but the argwello kitchen looks immense.

  14. It’s a good listing, but its hard to say what will happen in this market. There are a lot of options at that price range all over town. I wish the sellers and agents luck. Are there any pictures of the outside, & does anyone know the status of the lower unit in terms of renovations,etc…

  15. From the Owner: coming soon on http://www.ArguelloPenthouse.com will be many more photos, including photos of the upstairs lawn and patio, as well as the other two bedrooms, family room, guest bath, and the master bath.
    The lower unit is owner-occupied and has undergone a complete, high-end remodel (granite, Viking Range, Miele DW, Hansgrohe, glass-tiled shower, Wenge built-ins).

  16. Hey Eddy-
    As someone who does walk their dog every night right by this place, I can tell you that there is nothing “sketchy” about this area. I do see homeless once and a while, but have never had any issues. This whole area by the park had utility undergrounding in the last few years including new streetlights, so it’s clean, well lit, and quiet as heck at night. Don’t be scared, come on over, and save your criticism for a neighborhood that deserves it.

  17. Actually, I did stop by that whole area one evening after placing an offer on a house (that I did not buy). At about 11:30 PM on a Sunday night in September, in one walk around the block in that area, I came across a surly homeless guy who made a lewd comment to me; and then had the pleasure of watching a man with blood coming out of an open wound in his head stumble across the street and confront some other equally disturbing looking fellow. I actually had to laugh at the situation cause it really was quite surreal; and I’m guessing not 100% representative of reality; but it did happen and I was very uncomfortable. That said, had my offer been accepted, I still would have been happy in that area. But I was glad the place had a back yard so I wouldn’t have to take that walk on a regular basis.
    I’m sure your area is nice and fine, and I’m sorry if I’m coming across as critical. I think the condo and remodel look awesome and I’m sure whoever buys it, at whatever price, will be really happy there. It’s a good listing; priced pretty well. But please be mindful of others who choose to convey their thoughts.

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