Inside 1448 Kearny

Only in San Francisco will you find a single family studio home (né “earthquake cottage”) on the market for $779,000. Granted, it is being offered “fully furnished.” (And it does look quite cozy.)

∙ Listing: 1448 Kearny Street (0/1) – $779,000 [MLS]

8 thoughts on “The Single Family Studio Home”
  1. is showing this property was last sold in October of 2005 for $633K. What’s more, it’s supposedly only 330 sq. ft. (MLS shows no numbers). So current listing would put it at $2,360/sq. ft.
    Square footage number must be wrong. Either that or the furniture is stuffed with diamonds.

  2. Is it just me? Somehow I think I could rent the same or (much) better in that area for less than the condo fee + annual property taxes.
    [Editor’s Note: No condo fees on this one, it really is a single family home (albeit without a bedroom).]

  3. I needed to go to my favorite real estate site for quiet time:
    [Editor’s Note: While completely off topic (and normally subject to removal), we’re having way too much fun perusing the Venetian properties, architecture and design (so the link stays). If we don’t get around to publishing anything tomorrow, you know who to blame. And we’re just going to assume redseca2 meant to write “second” favorite real estate site…]

  4. The fact that it’s an SFR may explain it – you get your own piece of land in a great location. But no info on the lot size, either…..

  5. I saw this place. If you’re into big, don’t bother. If you’re into beauty, take a look. Best guesses on size are that it’s one of the shacks made from four shacks. Interior original roof showed four sections. Kitchen and Bath were extended beyond….all adds up to something worth seeing!

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