2855 Jackson Street #301
The pictures don’t do it justice (really), and you’re going to have to take our word for it, but 2855 Jackson #301 is a beautiful blend of classic and modern in Pacific Heights. Plus, nice views and a southern exposure.
If it’s in your price range, it might be worth a look. And if you buy it, don’t forget our invitation to the housewarming…
∙ Listing: 2855 Jackson #301 (4/3) – $1,995,000 [MLS]

7 thoughts on “Modern, Yet Classic (2855 Jackson #301)”
  1. There has to be some kind of a major problem with this place because I agree with Socketsite, the place looks great, it looks like it gets great light and the location is absolutely premo.
    $2MM seems like a relative bargain for this place, so the big question is, what’s wrong.
    Termites, foundation issues, plumbing, electrical?

  2. The marketing and presentation make it look much better than it truly is. It has a weak floor plan with two bathrooms next to each other and small bedrooms. The doors are tired and the kitchen looks a little dated, think Jetsons c.1960 However, the open living/dining area is superb if you’re in to entertaining.

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