Last week we featured Garrett’s rundown of the most expensive Single Family Homes in Noe Valley, Potrero Hill, and Glen Park. This week, the least expensive (and a Bernal Heights bonus):
Glen Park: 99 Surrey St – $499,000, 12 DOM, described as “rustic”
Bernal Heights: 1510 York Street – $550,000, 32 DOM, was listed at $599,950 in August
Potrero Hill: 1458 Kansas Street – $808,000, 27 DOM, price reduced by $80K
Noe Valley: 3790 Cesar Chavez Street – $825,000, 68 DOM, once priced at $950,000
Garrett’s Quick Peek [SocketSite]
The LEAST Expensive Homes in the ‘Hood [Greg and Garrett’s]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Don’t you think its a tad bit unctuous of SocketSite to help these realtors advertise listings (that aren’t even their’s) through their IDX links to MLS? One might start to call into question SocketSite’s ability to be unbiased if there is the appearance of a quid pro quo for tips and leads.
    [Editor’s Note: That’s a perfectly fair question and something we take very seriously (being unbiased that is). When we find a property to feature, our order of preference is to: (1) link to a property specific website, (2) link to the listing agent’s website, (3) link to the listing agent’s broker’s website, (4) link to the MLS (at least for the next two weeks), and as a last resort (5) link to another broker’s website.
    If, however, we are simply republishing a story that we’ve read online (this wasn’t a “tip” or a lead), we do our best to preserve all of the original links. We think it’s only fair and hope that you’d agree.
    Again, great question and thanks for “plugging in.”]

  2. Posted by Anonymous

    A note on the house in Bernal Heights. A quick glance in the MLS would make you think, as Garrett did, that this was a house that had languished on the market until August and then got relisted. A common enough scenario.
    Had Garrett dug a little deeper in the MLS data or visited the homes he blogs about he would have found that this was not actually the case.
    1510 York Street sold in April of this year to a developer as a package deal with 1512 and 1514 York Street. The sales price reported on the MLS for the three property package was $1,500,000.
    The reason it looks like this was on the market as recently as August is because the Realtor who had the listing reported the sale as 1514 York and forgot to update the listing on 1510 York.

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