130 Ord Street: Potential vs. Present?
The listing for 130 Ord Street piqued our interest. Not because of the “Chef’s kitchen” or two car parking. Not because of the $46,000 price reduction. And not even because it’s advertising “Motivated Seller. Bring any & all offers.” No, it’s definitely the “[c]reative seller financing incentive” that did the job. Interesting…
∙ Listing: 130 Ord Street (4/3) – $1,749,000 [Coldwell Banker] [MLS]

3 thoughts on “Let’s Just Hope They’re Not Talking Enron Creative”
  1. One thing that has really bugged me about this listing is the total disconnect of the rendering versus the actual photo of the front elevation of the property.
    The rendering shows green lawns bordering a brick walk to the front door where the photo shows you a plain concrete slab.
    Maybe a little bit of the reason this is still on the market is that many people don’t get past toggling between the fantasy sketch and the reality to look at what the property has to offer.
    [Editor’s Note: We have to admit that we toggled a fair number of times as well (and just updated the photo in your honor). Thanks for “plugging in.”]

  2. Why do they have a Mill Valley Realtor selling the place? It seems like a city agent would know about more potential clients, would find it easier to show last minute, etc.

  3. Hey, give them a break. At least they didn’t photoshop the wires out of the photo. And they DID post a photo of the slab for all the world to see.

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