Cube House (Image Source:

If you missed it on the AIA home tour, at least you can still see it in print pixels.

“The house now has an open-to-the-sky, two-story atrium surrounded by open-plan rooms, and the design echoes the interior gardens of 1950s Eichler homes, which in turn were inspired by Japanese- and Mediterranean-style courtyard houses.”

“Despite its modern additions and bright interior, it is still literally and figuratively sheathed in tradition, with a refurbished facade and detailing that match the other historic buildings on the block.”

“For a bit more than $750,000, the Alexanders have all that space [3,600 square feet] and new wood everywhere: anigre in the bedrooms, mahogany in the library, cherry cabinets in the kitchen and stained Douglas fir French doors.”

It’s brought to you by architect John Maniscalco (and the Alexanders).

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