3800 Washington Exterior (Image Source: lepetittrianon.com)
Inside 3800 Washington (Image Source: lepetittrianon.com)
“Modeled on Madame Pompadour’s Petit Trianon (circa 1768, and considered among the most perfect buildings in France), and built by San Francisco’s Koshland family (circa 1904), 3800 Washington offers an extraordinary blend of architectural history and social prominence. With its lush gardens, Le Petit Trianon represents San Francisco’s most majestic estate.”
For those who are interested (or care to dream), pictures, floor plans (pdf), and virtual tours (the best of the bunch) are all available online. Don’t miss the Baccarat chandeliers, Bruce Porter stained glass windows, and seven (7) car parking.
And good news if you’ve been waffling, after 460 days on the market, the asking price has been reduced $3,300,000 (14.5%).
∙ Listing: 3800 Washington (8/7) – $19,500,000 [lepetittrianon.com]

8 thoughts on “A <strike>Little</strike> Lot Off The Top At The Top”
  1. Talk about curb appeal. Even more so than 2845 Broadway or 2901 Broadway. Le Petit Trianon may not have the views, but its facade is one of the most beautiful (and intimidating) around.
    Along the same lines, 2601 Lyon is not bad also. Oh to have money…

  2. I had the opportunity to tour this house for a charity event a while back. Creepy is definitely the word for it. It could be used to do a remake of The Shining. As soon as you walk in you are overwhelmed by the all-stone foyer and you can never quite shake that uneasy feeling the whole time you’re in the home. Even if I had the money I would never buy this house. Something just isn’t right about it (in addition to the fact that it’s a turn of last century’s McMansion). I’d send in some paranormal experts just for kicks.

  3. my favorite is the ballroom. they have a podium in there with a picture of the house on it (like the presidents podium from the white house). i’m not sure what speakers grace that dank ballroom, but they certainly must enjoy that fun podium. i’ve always wanted one…

  4. If I ever shoot a rap video, I know which house to rent! Bottles of Cris all around!
    And this here is my foYAY… and this here is my kitch… man, PUT DOWN MY PAPAYA!
    You know you can see it.

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