161 Elsie Master Bath
There are a number of things we find attractive about 161 Elsie (listed at $1,349,000), but we have to admit that being billed as an “Affordible [sic] Noe Alternative” really isn’t one of them.
∙ Listing: 161 Elsie Street (3/2.5) – $1,349,000 [Herth via Pacific Union] [MLS]

3 thoughts on “It’s All Relative”
  1. Someone buy this house so the realtor can hire a spell checker. It’s Afford”A”ble. This new building has some history…

  2. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the use of natural wood accents on the exterior of buildings/homes is a growing trend? It looks great and is a good way to set a home apart, but I wonder how nice those homes will look after the wood ages and darkens?

  3. I know this was a tear-down & rebuild, so last sale is not really a good comp given the cost of construction must have been high, but current owner bought this lot for $255K in April of ’04. Just some food for thought.

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