1001 Pine #608
It’s listed at only 450 square feet, but we’re getting the feeling that 1001 Pine Street #608 just might be a textbook example of how a well designed small space can not only feel, but act, much larger. And while we’re only working from pictures at this point, we’re going out on a limb and declaring…we’re fans.
∙ Listing: 1001 Pine Street #608 (0/1) – $369,000 [MLS]

7 thoughts on “A Big 450 Square Feet”
  1. I actually lived in this building, on this floor, in a corner 1-bedroom unit. I loved living there. The only reason I moved is because I got married and my 1-bedroom was a bit small for 2 adults with lots of stuff. This building is a great value. The only stumbling block is the aging HOA (Board members tend to be past retirement age and have lived in the building for many years, some since the building was built), which in my humble opinion resists making upgrades and necessary repairs. I served on the Board and I felt that there should have been more money in reserve, and dues should have been higher to allow for necessary repairs to an aging building. But overall it’s a great building for anyone who is on a budget but loves 1960s design — square rooms, nothing very narrow, and huge windows. I know if I hadn’t gotten married I would definitely still be living there. I do miss it terribly.

  2. Yes, the HOA fee is very low — in my opinion, too low to maintain the building and not enough to keep the reserves at a reasonable level for a building of that size. But again, many of the residents are elderly on fixed budgets, and refuse to raise the dues, often to the detriment of the building.
    The sound insulation in this particular building is excellent. The entire building is concrete. It’s challenging to drill into exterior walls, but I never heard a neighbor when I lived there. It’s the quietest building I’ve ever lived in.
    Unit 608 does face another building, though — the units on the other side have city views. The units that are on 608’s side that are higher in the building have views as well.

  3. Lori, thanks for your insight into this building. I looked at it before deciding to buy down the hill in The Hamilton (631 O’Farrell St). I think 1001 Pine is one of the best values on Nob Hill and really was impressed with the units.
    I loved the top floor roof deck / laundry room. I would have been happy to wash my clothes there!
    But, the building’s common areas did look dated (60’s).
    Funny you mention the 1-bdrm was too small for two people. Most of the new buyers in the Hamilton are couples – two people sharing 475 – 520SF studios!
    socket site – have you looked at the Hamilton?

  4. The Hamilton is a gorgeous building. I did shy away from it because I was a little unsure of the location. Plus there was no deeded parking in the building. Unit 608 at 1001 Pine doesn’t have deeded parking, but this is unusual. Most of the units have 1 parking space and a few have 2 parking spaces. Some of the residents who don’t drive anymore often rent out their spaces. My neighbor across the hall let me use her parking space often for when friends came over to visit.
    I didn’t mean to come across as sounding spoiled by saying a 1-bedroom was too small. It was just under 620 square feet and my now-husband and I have tons of stuff (we were both in our mid 30s when we got married so we had accumulated quite a bit of furniture, etc.). And to be honest, we wanted to start our lives together on “neutral ground” as opposed to me moving into his place or him moving into mine. He also was a little bothered by the long-time residents who tended to be a little nosy and busybody-like. It didn’t bother me, though. I felt like people were watching out for me as a single woman when I lived there.
    Another stunning building is 666 Post, which I believe was built a little earlier than the Hamilton.

  5. I love that some attention is being paid to the older condos in the city. There’s great value and possibility at many of them. There’s so much inventory now at South Beach, and so much of it looks the same, that it makes sense to look to Nob Hill, Russian Hill and Pac Heights for something different.
    I also like The Hamilton a lot. Such views! And I think one gets used to the neighborhood. It’s not that bad.

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