368 Elm Street
Six months ago we alerted you to a new Vanguard development on Turk street in Hayes Valley. Well, apparently they’ve chosen to go with an Elm Street address (the 28 unit building stretches from Turk to Elm), and while the website for 368 Elm Street is now live (and it’s six months later), the majority of the information is still “coming soon.”
On a related note, construction on the apartment building next door is going strong.
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368 Elm []
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by redseca2

    While real estate appreciation for price seems to have slowed, the Hayes Valley neighborhood as a geographic entity continues to expand merrily after the freeway teardown. It is now at Turk street to the north, and other listings put it beyond Fillmore Street to the west. When will Hayes Valley cross Market Street?

  2. Posted by rut

    hayes valley includes a lot more territory than hayes street from franklin to laguna. while the boundaries may be a little hazy i would argue it has always included the lower haight & alamo square area so call divisadero the western edge.

  3. Posted by redseca2

    So “Western Addition” is now limited to public housing projects only?

  4. Posted by Sexy & Sassy in SF

    Is it just me, or does it seem that every single new condo project that hits the market is a “luxury” condo or “luxury” something-or-other? Have we lowered our standards, or do developers/owners/builders/agents/Realtors all think the buying public is just dumb or blind?
    I don’t mean to imply that this particular development is not “luxurious,” (I haven’t seen it) but I do find this labeling practice particularly annoying.

  5. Posted by rut

    western addition…shit, not an ideal marketing buzzword. agents use a niftier subset…lower pacific heights, anza vista, hayes valley, nopa, upper DMV, whatever. i can’t wait to see how that new mixed use condo development in the fillmore “jazz district” will be marketed.

  6. Posted by redseca2

    I agree, but I remember when “Hayes Valley = [Let’s just say ‘Addict’] under an Overpass”. Can’t the supes just vote to makes all Pacific Heights or Lower Pacific Heights.

  7. Posted by Dude

    So what is it now? [Removed by Editor] Personally I prefer “DMV Foothills”…..sounds more dignified. And for the record, anything with granite counters and stainless steel appliances counts as luxury today.

  8. Posted by Annonymous

    I agree with the comment about “luxury”…although I also haven’t seen this development, what is it that makes it luxurious? And, when did Hayes Valley become “super chic”. It doesn’t make my list of chic neighborhoods in SF.

  9. Posted by Dan

    No, it’s not “super chic”– it’s “ultra-chic”!

  10. Posted by glenn

    This place is in the bloody tenderloin

  11. Posted by rob

    new in sf.. how’s this neighborhood? is it safe here? do you guys think this property will appreciate same rate as the South of Market area condos? thanks

  12. Posted by Willow

    Another Vanguard Success Story!

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