Two recent questions from our readers:

1. “I’m wondering what the new street that they’re building between the 280 freeway and the Caltrain tracks as part of that development is going to be called (the one that parallels 7th St.). . . . I’d vote for “Beirman”, in honor of the freeway revolt.”
2. “At one time, 450 Rhode Island was going to be built for MacroMedia, but I think plans changed for that a while ago. Whole Foods is going to open on the ground level of that complex and there is going to be around 165 to 185 residential units built above it. I was wondering if you or anyone on your staff had heard any details about it or found any sketches.”

Our answers: Unfortunately we don’t have any, but we’re hoping that you might. And as always, even if you don’t, perhaps you’ll consider forwarding this to a friend or two (or three) that might. We’d definitely do the same for you.

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