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When we first broke the news about 2525 Webster we accidentally wrote that it would hit the market for $7.2M, when in fact, we had actually heard $7.65M from a reliable source (or as “Gregg” noted, “The realtor’s bet is $7.65M”). And yet according to the MLS, it officially hit the market yesterday for $7.15M (or $7.25M according to the property’s website – thanks “eddy”).
[Note to “Annoyed”: Take a deep breath, try to enjoy the pictures for what they are (who knows, you might even pick up a design/decorating idea or two), and then join us in reading between the lines with regard to the change in pricing (we do think it’s relevant, even to the “mainstream”). And by the way, based on what we know about our readers, it’s actually closer to 98.5% (but point taken). And thanks for “plugging in.”]
Coming Soon: 2525 Webster [SocketSite]
∙ Listing: 2525 Webster (7/6.5) – $7,150,000 [MLS] []
Inside 990 Green Street #6 [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sexy & Sassy in SF

    Socket! You must be sleepy. “Breadth” (width or scope) should be “breath,” (the faculty of breathing), and “pickup” (one word is a noun) should correctly be “pick up” (two words is a verb).
    [Editor’s Note: it’s time to fire the editor. And yes, it’s just been one of those days…]

  2. Posted by Lori

    Nice, but I was spoiled by the 990 Green listing yesterday. Somehow this one’s a yawn compared to that one. But thanks for the additional fantasy fodder.

  3. Posted by Formerly Annoyed

    Great, more real estate porn. Just what we needed.
    But what the hell? If you can’t beat ’em join ’em.
    For anyone that is interested in joining me, I will be attending an open house at Danielle Steele’s home this afternoon.
    FA (aka “The Dope”)

  4. Posted by Frederick

    This home is a wonderful property, where else do you get 5 car parking?
    The high end residential market continues to remain hot. So far this year there have been 24 sales over $5M and 4 sales over $16M in San Francisco.
    Time will tell, but the high end market is not cooling off.
    Special homes and condominiums are hard to find and rarely available. Watch for the new Mansion coming on the market on Broadway for $30M+!!

  5. Posted by Lori

    True story: There is a home on Jackson going for $18MM+. Maybe it has sold by now. Apparently the owner’s name is also Lori and the listing agent is from Coldwell Banker. Since I sold my last property through this CB office, the listing realtor for some odd reason got the two of us mixed up. She called me one morning asking if she could show my $18MM home that day! I was tempted to answer yes but decided that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it … alas.
    I’m really curious to see what “my” home looks like these days.

  6. Posted by eddy

    Back on market at 6.75

  7. Posted by Sleepiguy

    Oh wow… for my money, this was one of THE worst buys in Pac Heights in recent memory. That house was just horrible.

  8. Posted by tipster

    Sold in Jan 07 for 6.3. The buyer probably thought that, at a million under asking, he was getting a deal.
    Prior sale in 2005 was for $4M. If that’s what it goes for, someone is gonna have som ‘splaining to do, Lucy.
    My favorite part of this thread is the realtor telling us all that the high end is hot, hot, hot.
    Then it sold for $1M under and is probably worth much less today!

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