Eichler Tour
Wondering what all the Eichler fuss is about? Well here’s a chance to see for yourself (and to support the Hospice of Marin while doing so).
The Eye-On-Eichlers Home Tour featuring over twenty Eichler homes in San Rafael’s Lucas Valley and Terra Linda neighborhoods, and “celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Eichler homes in Marin,” will take place on September 16th from 11am to 4pm. Tickets are either $30 for access to five houses, or $40 for access to all homes on the tour. And once again, all proceeds go to support the Hospice of Marin.
Our thanks to Barry over at EichlerForSale.com for the great tip.
Tickets: Eye-On-Eichlers Home Tour [ACTEVA]
Eichler Gets Sucker Punched [SocketSite]
Hospice of Marin [HospiceOfMarin.org]
Eichler Homes Tour [EichlerForSale.com]

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