Let’s see, a “favored nabe yet to come” (re: the Rincon Hill area), “big bucks” (re: prices), and a “moat of congestion” (re: traffic). It sounds like John King has been “plugging in” to a few of the comments on SocketSite.
And while we’re surprised that he finds it “odd” that people living in a thriving city by a beautiful bay might invest heavily to live in an “fast-paced urban district focused on the bay,” we’re even more surprised that a member of the marketing firm for One Rincon Hill would dare mutter “it’s like living in Southern California“…
Property that’s so hyped, you’d think they were selling Shangri-La [SFGate]
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sub-optimal

    Agreed. That statement is ludicrious.
    Southern California is completely different planet where a person could go for months without walking more than a block in a single day. And besides, who would actually want to live there?

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