The 'T House' (Image Source: Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects)
Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects (OPA) identifies it as the “T House.” The Noe Valley Voice calls it “The House That Google Bought.” We simply call it our fantasy.
The T House is located at the “end of a cul-de-sac in the 500 block of Duncan Street near Newburg Street” in Noe Valley and “sits on the precipice of an oversized lot that provides panoramic, 270-degree views from Twin Peaks to downtown San Francisco to across the Bay.”
Designed by Luke Ogrydziak and Zoe Prillinger, the three-story home offers 5,689 square feet of living space, five-bedrooms, three terraces, and a three-car garage. And late last year the T House sold for $5.3M ($50K below asking) to a former Google engineer (he paid cash). That’s a lot of Google Ads.
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The House That Google Bought [Noe Valley Voice]
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3 thoughts on “Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects: The T House”
  1. Ogrydziak an Prillinger, AIA were important to the “T House”, but the real dreamer was John Willis and most importantly of all, Kevin Webb.
    John Willis has an un rivaled record of building some of the “BEST” condominiumn projects in San Francisco. From the 8 condominiums at 2953 through 2967 Pacific Ave in Pacific Heights (1995), to the 6 Units on Russian Hill at 1035 to 1045 Vallejo Street (1998), then 4 Units at 518 to 524 Duncan Street in Noe Valley (2001); these homes are some of the most sought after units ever built.
    The “T House” was one of Mr. Willis’ most demanding opportunities. It was a risk!! To concieve, design, build and let go of, this dream was profound.
    Not to be out done was the General Contractor, Kevin Webb. Mr. Webb has been Mr. Willis general contractor in all the previous projects above. As a perfectionist contractor, Kevin Webb as few peers in San Francisco. Known for participating in all phases of the construction, his homes DO NOT LEAK. And they are beautiful.
    Kevin has joined Cy Peletz as one of the most admired contractors for small condominuim and home projects in The City.
    So Ogrydziak an Prillinger did the design, but it would never have happened with out John Willis and Kevin Webb.

  2. yes, of course . . .
    the architects ‘just design’
    its great to support all the players on a team (developer, contractor) but would it be possible to not detract from the work of the Architects (are we sure we know who the ‘real dreamers’ are?)?
    I’m glad there’s a bold developer out there and a contractor who prides himself on not making leaky buildings, but the architects give form to the place and should be given full credit for it.

  3. Our house was burglarized while undergoing remodeling by Kevin Webb Construction. Multiple copies of our house-keys were made without our permission and given out to subcontractors. The police report of the burglary indicates no forced entry. Beware…

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