21 Buena Vista Avenue

21 Buena Vista Avenue by the numbers: 4 floors; 22 rooms; 64 sqft theater screen; 270 degree views; 1700 sqft of gallery space; 3000 bottle wine room; 8229 sqft total; 4950000 dollars. One absolutely amazing home.

10 thoughts on “21 Buena Vista Avenue By The Numbers”
  1. No kidding: “massage room and custom cedar sauna…top floor observatory and outdoor terraces on all levels…Master Bath featuring steam shower, separate rain shower and corner tub with bay and city views…and a 3000 bottle wine cellar with tasting room.”
    Never thought I’d consider $4.95M to be a bargain…

  2. I’d consider moving out of my 2b/2b, 1,500 sqft condo in prime Marina district to go out there. That house is incredible.

  3. I went to the champagne tasting a few Friday’s ago at this house–it’s true, it’s an exceptional house. I agree with the anonymous comment–$4.95m doesn’t seem like a high number for this much house–it’s huge, historic, unique and oh so San Francisco

  4. Now, THIS is what I call getting a bang for your buck … well, $4.5 MM bucks, but … it’d be worth it.

  5. I have lived nearby since 1979. Until a few years ago, this building was covered in stucco and a lime green color. It was the ultimate rooming house/roomate situation and we called it the “Witches Hat”

  6. This place is an odd collection of rooms – I am imagining the architect wondering “what do I do with THIS room” a few times – the location is great, but I think the remodel was superficial. I notice, for instance, that the water and sewer pipes are attractively arranged across all four floors of the northern facade for the neighbors enjoyment. For this price, they might at least have opened the walls and sprung for modern plumbing, no?

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