188 King Street

Seven weeks ago we alerted our readers to the opening of 188 King Street and provided a complete rundown of “Phase I” pricing (16 units). At the time, 3 units were already being advertised as “pending,” and only two units were listed on the MLS.

Today, 9 units are active on the MLS (including 7 of the original units), and four more are listed as active contingent. In addition, at least one unit that was originally identified as “pending” (#404) is now active.

And while it’s possible that the sale fell through, a quick review of the “Agreement of Sale” for 188 King specifically discloses that “Seller herein informs buyers that a number of units will be retained for investment purposes. . . . Some or all of these units may be designated as “Sold” for marketing purposes.”

4 thoughts on “188 King Street: An Update”
  1. Can you say garbage… they have a view of King Street on one side (read: noise and traffic) and a McDonalds parking lot on the other (read: can you smell the fries cooking on a warm or still day). Ick. No thanks.
    Supersize that!

  2. Lofts generally are not in the best locations. That’s the trade-off — you get much more space, but you loose the views and amenities. Compared to other locations for lofts in SoMa (near warehouses, high crime areas, car repair shops, etc..), this King Street spot is practically paradise.

  3. “Sold” for marketing purposes – in other words, let’s make it look as though the building’s selling where in reality it might not be…

  4. WHERE IS THE STORAGE? The 1113-23 sq foot 1/2 units have not got a single true closet! What shows as closets on the website floorplans are actually two built-in tall cabinets in the glass walkway. As well, the kitchens feature THREE different makes of appliance: Amana (?) refrigerators, Viking ranges and Bosch dishwashers. Weird.

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