The Odeon is a boutique new development featuring 29 two-story spaces boasting “expansive window walls” [our interest officially piqued]. If nothing else, it’s bound to be a shopper’s paradise (located at 181 O’Farrell at Powell, and directly above H&M).

As best we can tell, and with the possible exception of one corner unit, all units appear to be one bedroom (with one a half baths). Details when we have them, and a sales office opening in June.

One thought on “New Developments: Odeon (181 O’Farrell)”
  1. As someone who lives outside of the city, I have been looking for an urban second home in the san francisco for awhile. Unlike most new developments that supposedly kept the historical facade, this project is one of the first I’ve seen that achieved it. I think it will make a great weekend retreat, but need to hear final pricing first.

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