Femme de Maison
What do you get when you combine an East Bay real estate agent (Suzanah Juras), a “secluded hilltop villa in the East Bay”, and an “environment where men can be men … while being tastefully entertained, titillated, and doted upon by our beautiful Maison Girls?” According to Matier and Ross, that would be Femme de Maison.
And although billed as an exclusive Bay Area gentleman’s social club where members are “welcome to join [the Maison Girls] while they dance, swim, and relax in the hot tub,” and includes “racy burlesque shows and tastefully sexy strip tease acts,” Suzanah, the Madame President and CEO of Femme de Maison, is quick to note that it’s “not a sex club.”
We did notice, however, that the Maison website specifically notes that “If you should develop a relationship with a Hostess outside of a Femme de Maison event, that is strictly a personal matter and Femme de Maison shall not be held liable for any issues which may result from such a relationship.” (Such as your wife/girlfriend kicking your ass to the curb?)
Talk about differentiating yourself as an agent in a slowing market…
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