PropertyShark is now swimming in the Bay Area. For those who are unfamiliar, PropertyShark provides property reports, comparable sales data, and listings (through a relationship with Trulia); aims to answer the following questions: “How much is it worth?”, “Who owns it?”, and “How much did they pay for it?”; and enables a whole new level of real estate voyeurism (names and addresses of owners and the ability to search for their phone numbers).
Don’t forget that this past February the founder of PropertyShark released the following statement, “. . . in my opinion, computer-based automated valuations, such as those you will likely see at Zillow, are more likely to be wrong than right. Every property is an illiquid, unique asset, and a computer program cannot accurately predict the price it will fetch on the market,” (so now about that “How much is it worth?” question…). And you’ve got to love the fourth line of the disclaimer attached to each of their reports: “Do not rely on this report to support investment decisions.
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