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The doors are now open (and the scaffolding is almost down) at ‘tortilla heights’. Located at the corner of Bush and Divisadero, and just down the street from Frankie’s Bohemian Café and the Fishbowl (same owners), it’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
[Note: we’re not going to make a habit of posting about new restaurants unless it’s in the context of an evolving neighborhood. And with that massive new yoga studio that just opened up right across the street…]

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  1. Posted by dave

    “Over priced but the late night hours make it reasonable. Just after finishing dinner, the bartender came by with a 2 minute warning at 1:30 am. We chugged only to find the bartender wrestling the beers out of our hands. When someone objected, there was a flash and they were on the ground and were physically in a headlock on the floor. Amazing. Apparently, one patron ran to the bathroom and waited for the police to come to ‘rescue’ her from stall. The bartender yelled obscenities so loud it could be heard from the street. Bottom line, check to see if ponytail bartender with an arm tattoo is at the bar. Stay away, I mean far away. There are plenty of other places to enjoy late night Mexican. Unless, you work out and are ready to wrestle for your meal keep Tortilla Heights off your list of places to go.”

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