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In light of Curbed inviting us to “check out the progression of designs” that led to the final Curbed SF logo, we have to wonder: did we just miss that memo about all San Francisco real estate blog logos containing screened-out images of Coit Tower on the left and the Painted Ladies on the right?
Damn it! Somebody get our designer on the phone
ReyEstate []
Curbed SF []
Suge Versus Puffy [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Tom

    That’s a blatent rip off. A solid group of folks like Curbed should know better. Stealing Rey Estate’s HTML is not cool.
    Take it down and have some class guys. It can’t take but a few hours to build something differnt.

  2. Posted by The Eye

    Both Rey and Curbed lack originality.

  3. Posted by Jeff Woo

    wow — news travels fast on the blogsphere. First, now socketsite. Good for ReyEstate.
    I too think its a load of $#!t but what can you do. A little R&D should have been done on Curbed’s site before creating a logo. Or, maybe it was done, hence the logo? who knows
    Jeff W

  4. Posted by PropWatcher

    Classic. Can’t help but be reminded of the Curbed ‘dumpling wars’…

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