2257 Green Street
A reader’s tip (thank you!) led us to dispatch a team to 2257 Green Street for this morning’s broker’s tour. We’re not sure if it was the free catered brunch, the property itself (gorgeous views and a fantastic remodeling), or the fact that the listing price has just been reduced for the third time, but brokers were swarming the house.
A little history: the original listing price was $5.2M, which was then reduced to $3.495M by McGuire, and has now been reduced to $2.595M by Ritchie-Hallanan. After three brokers and a 50% price reduction, this one might actually be priced right. So go get it. And as always, don’t forget to invite us to the house warming.
∙ Listing: 2257 Green Street – $2,595,000 [MLS]

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