We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Starbucks

Western Addition might soon join ranks with North Beach and Hayes Valley by restricting the ability of chain stores with “standardized merchandise and esthetics” (e.g. Starbucks) to locate within their neighborhoods. A proposed ordinance, also in the works for Cole Valley, would severely restrict chains with 11 or more... Read More »

Online Home “Porn”

Online Home “Porn”

It was inevitable. First those corner magazines full of airbrushed pictures (e.g. Real Estate Times), and then those steamy online virtual tours. And now, short little films. · Dream Homes Read More »

Yahoo! Follows HousingMaps Lead

Following in the steps of upstart HousingMaps, Yahoo! recently launched their own mapping solution for rental listings. We prefer HousingMaps use of Craigslist data, but Yahoo!’s SmartView™ (which includes public transportation, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) is definitely a nice feature. And considering that HousingMaps is the work or just... Read More »

From Hillside To Housing

From Hillside To Housing

According to the Examiner, San Francisco has “declared the hillside at Henry Street and Roosevelt Way surplus property and could sell it to raise money for affordable housing or develop it for homeless housing.” Have an objection or care to learn more? Attend the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association’s meeting... Read More »

Tenant (And Landlord) Must Have

Moving to a new apartment? About to rent out your newly acquired income property? Either way, in order to minimize any disputes concerning security deposits, it would behoove of you to create an upfront written record of the condition of both the apartment and its fixtures: · Inventory Checklist... Read More »

That’s More Like It

That’s More Like It

Having just declared Carter Terrance the best-looking new complex in San Francisco, John King goes and profiles a much better-looking development the very next day. Regardless, kudos to the developers (Citizens Housing and Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation) and architect (david baker + partners). · soma studios + 8th +... Read More »

San Francisco Population Drops 4.2%

According to a report just released by the Census Bureau, the population of San Francisco declined 4.2% (or 32,000 people) from April 2000 to July 2004. According to CNN, “Hurt by skyrocketing housing prices, people are leaving San Francisco, Boston and other large cities in droves.” “Droves” might be... Read More »

Only in San Francisco

All of a sudden our so called housing “shortage” is starting to make sense… Joshua Brody and his wife, Juliana Grenzeback, have been married for seven years, but they have never lived together. Grenzeback lives in a neat, pleasant house in San Francisco. Brody lives across the street in... Read More »

Price Drop In San Francisco Bay Area

According to the California Association of Realtors, the Media sales price of a single-family detached home in the San Francisco Bay Area dropped .2% (from $723,070 to $721,730) in May of this year. Granted, not a huge decline, but directionally interesting. Also of note, sales activity has declined 8.3%... Read More »

Understatement Of The Week

Sounds all too familiar: “Lots of people are putting impressive amounts of money into their houses,” said Mark Scott of Mark IV Builders in Bethesda at a recent remodeling seminar…“They don’t have any money in the bank,” he said, but they’re not worried because they’re counting on future appreciation.... Read More »