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Now That’s A Chart!

Now That’s A Chart!

(Chart from NYT article: Be Warned: Mr. Bubble’s Worried Again) Robert J. Shiller, the Yale economist who published “Irrational Exuberance” in the year 2000, is at it again. And with a vengeance. Shiller argues that, “the housing craze is another bubble destined to end badly, just as every other... Read More »

Cool Suburb In The City

“With large houses and sprawling yards, even some families who can afford to buy homes in San Francisco are choosing to rent in the Presidio…” Amen brother sister. · Presidio more of a haven for families with children · The Presidio Trust Read More »

Cleaning Up The Yard

Cleaning Up The Yard

The extreme makeover of the Hunters Point Shipyard is continuing to move forward. The Shipyard, which has been on the EPA’s toxic “Priority List” for nearly 15 years, will undergo an $80 million cleanup, redevelopment, and “renaissance” over the next three years. The cleanup requires the (hopefully) temporary displacement... Read More »

Condo Investing Myths

Ready to cash in on the condo craze? Not so fast. Three condo investing “myths” as dispelled by CNN/Money: Myth 1: Get in early and you’ll be guaranteed a profit. Remember the lust for Internet IPOs? Ordinary investors bid up the stocks of hot little companies that hadn’t even... Read More »

Friday Fantasy: Great Affordable House Design

Friday Fantasy: Great Affordable House Design

That’s it. We’ve had it with the “quaint” (un-renovated), “charming” (non-functional), and “unique” (schizophrenically designed) properties that have dominated the Bay Area listings these past couple of months. It’s time to start from scratch. Or at least start fantasizing… Affordable Home Design …packed with solutions to appeal to... Read More »

Mortgage Warnings

We were pleasantly surprised to learn about a brochure titled, “Shopping for a Mortgage? Do Your Homework First” (jointly published by the National Association of Realtors and the Center for Responsible Lending). And then we read it. Considering the General Counsel of the Center for Responsible Lending was quoted... Read More »

Just A Typo (But Not Ours)

Our eyes widened as we did the math this morning. The Examiner reported a median San Francisco home/condo sales price of $786k in July of 2004 versus $804k in July of 2005…that’s an anemic 2.3% annual growth rate! But alas, it was just a typo in the print edition... Read More »

Real Estate Subterfuge

This is the kind of stuff that makes our heads hurt like a Slurpee induced brain freeze. Hell, we’ll be the first to point out that there are numerous reasons not to read too much into the July DataQuick numbers (it’s just one data point). But we take exception... Read More »