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The Average Rent in Oakland Is NOT over $3,000. Really, It’s Not

Under the headline, “For the first time, Zillow’s Oakland rent index surpasses $3k,” SFGate continues on to report: “In September 2016, the rental score (which includes listing prices of all homes, not just studios) hit $3,003 a month, up 70.9 percent from $1,757 in January 2013.” But as we... Read More »

San Francisco’s Median Rent Is NOT $4,225.  Really, It’s Not

The SFGate’s recent report that the median rent in San Francisco has hit “a ridiculous $4,225” is factually wrong and borderline reckless. From the report: “We already knew the rent was too damn high, even before we published a report this February showing not only that the median for a one... Read More »