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The Average Rent in Oakland Is NOT over $3,000. Really, It’s Not

Under the headline, “For the first time, Zillow’s Oakland rent index surpasses $3k,” SFGate continues on to report: “In September 2016, the rental score (which includes listing prices of all homes, not just studios) hit $3,003 a month, up 70.9 percent from $1,757 in January 2013.” But as we... Read More »

SFGate’s ‘Insane Flip’ Is Complete Fiction, Here Are The Facts

SFGate’s ‘Insane Flip’ Is Complete Fiction, Here Are The Facts

According to the current headline report and most popular story on SFGate, a two-bedroom Nob Hill condo was purchased for $690,000 in June of 2014 and flipped for $1,740,000 this past May, earning the reporter’s “award for investment of the year.” Unfortunately, the report isn’t fact but rather fiction.... Read More »

San Francisco’s Median Rent Is NOT $4,225.  Really, It’s Not

The SFGate’s recent report that the median rent in San Francisco has hit “a ridiculous $4,225” is factually wrong and borderline reckless. From the report: “We already knew the rent was too damn high, even before we published a report this February showing not only that the median for a one... Read More »