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Noe Valley Numbers And Insight

Garrett (of Greg & Garrett fame) was kind enough to drop us a note to let us know that our post on Noe Valley price reductions inspired him to add some Noe Valley sales stats to the Greg & Garrett blog. (We’re suckers for numbers.) The comparison of actual... Read More »

Increasing Rates, Decreasing Availability

Square Feet points out that rates on home equity lines of credit have nearly doubled over the past two years (now 8.2% on average). And the LA Times runs Kenneth Harney’s piece about a likely increase in “piggyback” mortgage rates and availability. (Piggyback mortgages are second liens that borrowers... Read More »

A Rapid Inventory Rebound In San Francisco

We expected an inventory rebound in San Francisco, just not so quickly. Over 200 new listings have hit – or returned to – the market in San Francisco since the Fourth of July. And it appears that the new listings have outpaced sales by a factor of well over... Read More »

Even More Value At The Lansing!

It appears that The Lansing (“Where quality meets value!”) recently (i.e., yesterday) joined the Watermark, 776 Tehama, and 69 Clementina in discounting prices on brand-new condominiums. According to ZipRealty, the list prices for units #305 and #410 in The Lansing were reduced by $31K and $25K respectively. ∙ The... Read More »

SocketSite’s San Francisco Inventory Update: 6/30/06

As far as we can tell, last week marked the first time since the beginning of the year that new sales have outpaced new listings in San Francisco. At the same time, active listed housing inventory in San Francisco remains up ~50% since the beginning of the year, and... Read More »

A Troublesome Trend?

A Troublesome Trend?

Four units in 255 Berry are currently on the market. That’s not a lot considering the number of units in the building (100), and not too surprising considering the building recently passed the magical two-year mark (think tax free gains). But then again, perhaps Le Blog Exuberance is on... Read More »

Two Tuesday Reports

Two Tuesday Reports

PMI reports that they believe the likelihood of a price decline in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City) housing market now stands at 56%. But as an astute reader pointed out in April, that’s not exactly going out on a limb. At the same... Read More »

San Francisco Year-Over-Year Appreciation Flat

San Francisco Year-Over-Year Appreciation Flat

According to DataQuick, the median sales price for existing homes in San Francisco was $767,000 last month, up only 0.3% from $765,000 in May ’05. In addition, sales volume was down 10.3% as compared to the year prior (626 versus 698 sales) but did show signs of a seasonal... Read More »

SocketSite’s San Francisco Inventory Update: 6/15/06

Two different sources, two different statistics, one consistent story: new listings in San Francisco continue to outpace sales. One source pegs the increase of available listed inventory at just over 15% during the past two weeks, while the other suggests closer to 8% (we’re just going to split the... Read More »

Harvard’s State Of The Nation’s Housing Report: 2006

Harvard’s State Of The Nation’s Housing Report: 2006

Harvard released their annual “State of the Nation’s Housing” report this week. We haven’t had a chance to do anything other than skim the contents (current slowdown should be moderate; most immediate risks: interest rates, erosion of affordability, and growing inventory; long-term outlook for housing is bright), but for... Read More »