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Reader’s Tip: MLS DOM

A reader “tips” us off to a trick for finding a listing’s DOM on the MLS: “If you want to see the date a home goes on the market. Do a search for open houses, it will give the “DOM” days on market. That does not help if they... Read More »

Slicing Up San Francisco

Slicing Up San Francisco

Billed as “Rental Property Statistics for the San Francisco Bay Area,” RentSlicer is the latest Craigslist/GoogleMaps mash-up to enter the market. They’re still working out the kinks (no Hayes Valley last time we checked) and seeding the data for monthly pricing graphs (nonexistent at this point), but otherwise a... Read More »

First Housing Maps Now Trulia

Another housing “innovation” is upon us with Trulia Real Estate Search. Think MLS meets Google Maps meets your local agent’s site. Trulia is an independent and unbiased residential real estate search engine that gives you free and open access to real estate information. Trulia helps you search homes for... Read More »

Not Such Trivial Knowledge

Know the difference between a Benjamin Moore Mulberry, Behr Plum Jam, and Glidden Valhalla? What about the difference between a Queen Anne Victorian, Gothic Revival, and a San Francisco Stick? Neither did we until readers tipped us to these two sites: Colorcharts – billed as the “online library of... Read More »

Yahoo! Follows HousingMaps Lead

Following in the steps of upstart HousingMaps, Yahoo! recently launched their own mapping solution for rental listings. We prefer HousingMaps use of Craigslist data, but Yahoo!’s SmartView™ (which includes public transportation, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) is definitely a nice feature. And considering that HousingMaps is the work or just... Read More »

Tenant (And Landlord) Must Have

Moving to a new apartment? About to rent out your newly acquired income property? Either way, in order to minimize any disputes concerning security deposits, it would behoove of you to create an upfront written record of the condition of both the apartment and its fixtures: · Inventory Checklist... Read More »

A Good Handyman Is Hard To Find

Trying to find a good handyman? Give No Job Too Puny a read. Yes, it was written about New York but get over it, it’s still relevant, informative, and contains some good tips. And if you’re really struggling, just print it out and write “San Francisco” across every mention... Read More »

Condo Conversion, TIC, and Ellis Act Overviews

Goldstein, Gellman, Melbostad, Gibson & Harris, LLP provides a trio of articles on Condominium Conversion, Tenancy in Common, and Owner-Occupancy/Ellis Act Evictions in San Francisco. Some spin, but generally well written and great overviews. Keep in mind that recent developments (such as the Board of Supervisors recent application of... Read More »