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Not Exactly A “Soft Landing”

Billing itself as “by far the leading Real Estate News site on the Internet” (whatever), the Realty Times analyzes Robert Campbell’s November edition of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Newsletter: In his November, 2005 edition, Campbell writes, “Creative financing can be very dangerous when the price of the asset... Read More »

Hardly A Bunch Of Hacks

Thanks to The Housing Bubble 2 for alerting us to the following: Q: PIMCO is following the U.S. housing market very closely, forming a research team and sending people around the country to observe regional markets for signs of a slowdown. What did the team have to say at... Read More »

Can You Say Speculative Bubble Froth?

“At the same time rental rates were dropping, we had housing prices totally skyrocketing”. Credit Andrew Zacks, a “San Francisco lawyer who handles Ellis Act evictions and other land use cases” with that comment. A comment that points to a market driven by speculative froth rather than sound investing... Read More »

UCLA Anderson’s California Economic Forecast

The Chronicle highlights the most recent UCLA Anderson Forecast: 1. Slower job growth but no recession 2. Home prices flatten but don’t plunge 3. A change at the Fed adds to uncertainty ∙ Sluggish growth seen for state; Experts say real estate boom will cool Read More »

Top O’ The Market To You!

Inventories and interest rates are up, sales are down, and prices are either flat or falling. So we’re calling it: welcome to the top of the San Francisco housing market! For sale signs are popping up left and right, and as one seasoned agent recently commented, “we’re going to... Read More »

San Francisco’s Home Sales Slump

Via Inman News: “San Francisco Bay Area home sales declined on a year-over-year basis for the seventh month in a row in October, according to DataQuick Information Systems, a real estate information company. The median home price in October was up 17.2 percent since October 2004 but slipped 0.3... Read More »

Writing On The Wall

“U.S. housing starts fell 5.6 percent in October as construction of both single-family and multifamily homes slid, while a drop in permits for future groundbreaking was the largest in more than six years, the government said on Thursday.” Granted, not Bay Area specific, but perhaps even more telling. And... Read More »

San Francisco Housing Inventory: Up, Up, And Away!

San Francisco Housing Inventory: Up, Up, And Away!

According to the HousingTracker, San Francisco housing inventory is up over 36% over the past two months (based on active MLS listings). That’s a good statistic, but don’t pay too much attention to the HousingTracker “Median Price” number which represents median list/asking prices (as opposed to actual sales prices). Read More »

When Barrack Speaks, You Should Listen

Some choice quotes from Tom Barrack, head of Barrack’s Colony Capital (one of the largest private equity firms devoted to real estate and having provided returns of 21 percent annually since 1990): “I feel totally safe playing polo on a field full of pros,” says the bronzed 58-year old.... Read More »