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About SocketSite™

The Dust Starts To Settle

After months of asking our readers to “Please Pardon Our Dust While We Renovate”, we’ve made a couple of changes to our three archive areas (examples: categories, entries, and monthly). The two changes that most readers might actually notice: 1. We’ve reformatted the monthly archives to make them consistent... Read More »



Perfectly said by the folks at apartment therapy, “In an effort to help apartment owners who are looking to sell without a broker and to show off cool apartments to readers looking for them, we are posting good ones that we stumble upon.” We like it, and we’re running... Read More »

Feel Our Pain (And Avoid Your Own)

A corrupt hard drive reduced our office to ruble (and our staff to tears) last week. Take it from us, spending four days reinstalling software, recovering files from a week-old backup, and then trying to recreate a week of Outlook calendar, inbox, and story changes could drive a person... Read More »

Flexcar Comes To San Francisco

Flexcar Comes To San Francisco

As of today, City Carshare and Zipcar have some competition in the San Francisco car-share arena. Two important things to note: 1. up to 75% of Flexcar’s fleet will by hybrid vehicles, and 2. if you join and drive by the end of the year, Flexcar will waive both... Read More »

SocketSite Update

We’re spending our time working on Katrina relief efforts and will resume with our normal coverage this Tuesday the 6th. Thanks for understanding, and in the meantime, please read our previous two posts. · Something To Consider · New Orleans Needs Our Help Read More »

Something To Consider

According to CNN/Money and the Census Bureau, San Francisco ranks as the third richest American city while New Orleans ranks as the ninth poorest (“America’s richest and poorest places“). If any community can afford to help New Orleans, it’s us. So as we previously wrote, please consider donating to... Read More »

We’re back…

Okay, so our “one week quiet period” actually lasted three months. Our bad. But now we’re back with a vengeance, more knowledge, and more insight. So without further ado… Read More »

SocketSite™ Quiet Period

In order to prepare for our official launch, SocketSite™ is heading into a one week three month “quiet period”. Behind the scenes we’ll be making a number of changes to provide our readers with a better site, more in-depth content, and a couple of new features. In addition, we... Read More »

Better Metrics Are Coming

Something just doesn’t jibe with the majority of statistics we see published on the San Francisco rental market. Last year the Chronicle published a story pointing to increasing residential rents, and decreasing vacancies, in San Francisco. But as we walk down the street we see more “For Rent” signs... Read More »

Prime Office Space For Under $250 a Month!

Anyone else read the Matier & Ross piece on three apparently ‘rent free’ office spaces provided to Mayor Gavin Newsom’s election campaign? It’s not the potential campaign law violations or political ramblings that really interest us, but rather the thoughts of Newsom’s campaign manager Eric Jaye. Jaye, according to... Read More »