On the agenda for San Francisco’s Planning Commission this week, plans for a six-story building to rise on the former service station and perennial Delancy Street Christmas tree lot on the northwest corner of Van Ness Avenue and Filbert (a.k.a. 2601 Van Ness).

As proposed, the development includes 27 residential units (a mix of 1 one-bedroom, 18 two’s and 8 three’s) over 3 commercial spaces on the ground floor totaling 7,200 square feet and 35 underground parking spaces.

The first two floors of the project propose full lot coverage with a bit of commercial space and storage lockers on the second floor. Floors three through six, which would be occupied by the residential units, are configured as an L-shaped building to create a continuous building wall along the blockfaces of Van Ness Avenue and Filbert Street.

The Planning Department recommends the project be approved as proposed.

14 thoughts on “Filling Up Along The Van Ness Corridor: Filbert Street Corner Plans”
  1. I thought the Chevron station was across the street.
    [Editor’s Note: The Chevron station was on the southwest corner of Van Ness and Filbert, the site of another 27-unit building dubbed “Amero” rising.]

  2. Another surface lot bites the dust. I am a little shocked (and pleased) to see a development without studios. A denser SF doesn’t necessarily have to mean tinier spaces in all new developments.

  3. Is the chorus asleep today?
    In every opera (residential project) the response to this aria is supposed to come from the world famous Socketsite Carhater Lobby Chorus, including the famous musical theme, “transit first & rich.”

  4. @conifer, maybe they are out driving in their cars and have not had time to respond as to how much they hate cars?
    On a serious note, I Hope they use decent glazing to muffle the traffic noise.

  5. @conifer & AnonArch,
    They’re probably mostly at SXSW and the adults are running the city this week. (Or are at least sober enough to comment on message boards.)
    Given that there are so many double and triple units, the average inhabitant will be a professional with a roommate and both will want to own their own car. This many spots will still lead to additional congestion.

  6. Ah, no. Actually, this many parking spaces will lead to more available on the street around the neighborhood.
    Another good project, well scaled.

  7. Like this one, have been watching Amero rising (I live fairly close) and have been wondering when something would happen across the street. Doubt the retail will be anything too exciting since it’s Van Ness, but looks great on paper.

  8. I don’t think this will have much impact on parking. The building has ample spots, in addition to what looks like 33 bike spots. The neighborhood is very walkable and moderately well-served by transit options (and the tech buses stop only one block away). Plus, we are promised that fast MUNI bus on Van Ness…some day.
    Seems like a good project. Hope it gets made!

  9. Ah, no. Actually, this many parking spaces will lead to more available on the street around the neighborhood.
    On what basis can that claim be made? The businesses would generate day-time parking needs for staff and customers. 27 units with 61 bedrooms, many of them occupied by two adults, could easily need over 60 parking places. Two-car ownership is a reality in many, many families.
    I wish the City would do a study — since the City luvs to do studies — on the number of vehicles actually owned by residents of developments built over the last ten years compared to the parking provided by the builders.

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