The Edmonds + Lee Architects designed Cube House at 4318 26th Street hasn’t yet been listed for sale, but it is about to hit the market for $4,500,000.


From the architects and a peek inside the modern Noe Valley home:

Organized in a geometric-like composition, the new, 3-story home has a facade of cement-board panels with concealed attachments providing a modern, yet non-disruptive contrast with the surrounding urban context.


Within the interior, a centralized, architectural stair serves as the connective tissue between the different levels and acts as an anchor around which the programmatic functions of the home are arranged.


Loft-like living spaces with abundant access to natural light are placed on the upper floor to capture dramatic views and provide maximum privacy for the occupants inside.


∙ Cube House: 4318 26th Street (4/4.5) – $4,500,000 | Floor Plans [cubehousesf.com]

28 thoughts on “Modern Noe Valley Cube House Hitting The Market For $4.5M”
  1. Looks gorgeous to me. No sure 4.5 million gorgeous but why not. I do not think its suitable for children who would get body parts stuck in the black metal rails. I also think that it’s funny and kinda sad that you can spend this kind of money and have a junky apartment building next door with asbestos shingles and then look from your roof deck over a sea of old telephone and cable wires. Why can’t we at least get the wires somewhat cleaned up?

  2. I just don’t understand all that white in the kitchen; the kitchens at Onyx are the same – how in the hell do you keep them clean?

  3. Just give it a quick wipe after use and let the housekeeper do the real cleaning. Anyone that can afford almost $50k in property taxes a year isn’t going to be too troubled about how hard it is to clean a kitchen. I’ve been getting flack about how we need to hire one to come in once a month to do a real cleaning and our place cost 10% of this.
    I prefer the white to more stainless steel.

  4. I disagree with the statement that this house has a “non-disruptive” contrast with the surrounding urban context. In my opinion, the exterior is one of the ugliest dumps I have ever seen.

  5. I’ve walked by this house a lot. There is no apartment building next door with asbestos shingles. I agree we should clean up the wires, but this house is on downslope so there are no wires in the view. It’s magnificent and will go for over asking.

  6. It has been a long time since we’ve seen edited out power line deceit like this. Nice photos, but they lie. It makes you wonder what other ugly features have been photoshopped away here.

  7. Would be nice if square footage was listed. This place really needs an quadrocopter ariel view. I expect nothing less for anything over $4M! We know the buyers are out there so it will be curious to see if we get another “war”.

  8. Interesting. From the looks of Street View, it appears that it kept most of the existing structure of the house that was there.

  9. This will sell.
    Then they will take out the fugly metal railing and replace with something that doesn’t look like landscape art.

  10. Sweet.
    From Google earth it looks like they may have kept the foundation from the prior house, but all the vertical construction looks new.

  11. Does it also appear as if the same car is parked in the same position always? Then that car must be a parklet.

  12. while I like the restraint on this place and materials in general (being a fan of black and white), a couple things seem to have been over looked…only one nice light fixture, the moooi? nice but no other pendents in the place, only cans? and I’d expect some trim less cans at this price point. Also not sure on the trex fake wood decking, I know its less upkeep but I’m still a fan of Ipe, garapa or another real hardwood. Overall its a clean place and it will sell well considering the Noe 3m+ garbage that is the benchmark these days

  13. Just remember, this is a remodel/alteration. I think it is very cold. Too cool for school.
    Also check out 11 Wright Street. I got the mailer today. Sold for 200k over asking. Anyone know where Wright Street is? I had to get out my Thomas Brothers.
    This will sell. All that other stuff up there too on 26th, like the one on the other side of the street closer to Douglass Playground. That was a remodel and that was high threes.

  14. The horizontal fireplace. The egg-shaped tub. Very trendy. I think this will look very dated in a few years. It’s very nicely done, but I think it won’t age well.

  15. Home sweet cubicle. Swoop from the cube in your office to the home box. I guess it’s a total lifestyle, I’m glad it’s not mine. One question I have is why anyone finds this interesting. It has been done to death and is utterly corporate.

  16. Agree with jlasf. This is the problem with a lot of trendy contemporary designs – they don’t age well. The really good ones do, but they are the exception, I think. Think about the white boxy houses from the 80’s and 90’s with the tubular railings. For all the talk of LA’s commitment to preserving noteworthy architecture (which is valid), there are also a ton of these kinds of houses in LA and they just look so tired now. In 20-30 years I bet people will be shaking their heads at this one, too.

  17. The sale of 4318 26th Street has just closed escrow with a reported contract price of $5,250,000. Don’t forget those invitations to the housewarming.

  18. How many square feet in the house? I couldn’t find the info online. In other words, what is the price per square foot?

  19. Unbelievable. It was a nice house but the finish was definitely spec versus custom home quality (uneven baseboards, drywall taping marks, etc.) and for this price, the lighting was really low end. No Lutron Homeworks system, no Number 8 LED cans, not much else that you’d expect to find in this price range. I’m not complaining, we’re 95% done with our own home remodel in Noe as well, but if you look closely, you can really see the difference between a house remodeled/built for someone who’s going to live in it versus one built to sell.

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