One of three “Block 3900” parcels which was being marketed as a yet to be constructed Übermodern home and guest house for $5,995,000 a year ago, 3931 19th Street has just sold for $2,000,000 which includes the existing 1,800 square foot house atop the lot and approved plans to build a 4,784 square foot modern six-level home on the slope below:

According to the MLS, the other two Block 3900 parcels have yet to change hands. And as best we can tell, no recent building permits have been requested or approved.

18 thoughts on “A Liberty Hill Parcel Sells With Big Plans For An Übermodern Haus”
  1. 3931 is the middle lot, right? Is it a thing to work with the worst lot of a set? This one is the most tree-encumbered in an area with a great view.
    [Editor’s Note: 3931 is the far right lot as rendered above, the largest of the three.]

  2. Pretty crummy design from a pedestrian’s viewpoint. All the greenery is out of sight, and all you get is blank walls and garage doors.
    ‘course, that’s why all the renderings are made from the perspective of someone floating thirty feet in the air.

  3. The middle proposed building is 3929 (built in 1909).The lot sold is 3931 on the right side.
    There are 3 old buildings up the hill on the same plane – these are the “guest houses” to be sold with the new development down the hill.
    There was a small landslide west of 3931 over 30 years or so ago. That property is now developed. The hill is very steep.
    An arborest has said that the Monterey Pine can survive the development. It is an old tree that is probably nearing the end of it’s life span.

  4. So few remaining spots in the ‘Stro for late-night trysts or for that matter anything else that doesn’t involve being uber rich, miserable and child-bearing. At least there will always be Dilly Alley…

  5. Really don’t understand the negative thoughts, some almost offensive, about the development of this property. I don’t understand the derision, or perhaps just jealousy over someone being “uber rich, miserable and child bearing”. Seriously, that attitude seems pretty out of place in a largely gay neighborhood that demands tolerance, acceptance and openness for everyone.
    Once again, private property is just that: free to be purchased and/or developed as the owner desires; within, of course the planning and building codes.
    Otherwise, if you would like it to remain as is, then buy it.
    As for the street-level design, from a pedestrian’s point of view, I think the design is appropriate; there is plenty of greenery to be seen. Just look up. In fact there is more greenery than many of the other properties on that side of 19th St. going back toward Noe.
    What’s the problem?

  6. Spot on, futurist. I never realized it until I started reading SocketSite and SFGate, but one of the benefits of being rich is that you can build a home in an architecture that will piss off all the jealous mooks who still think crown moldings are wainscoting are the bee’s knees because it they match their crappy furniture from Levitz.

  7. How is this a Liberty Hill parcel? Isn’t Liberty Hill between 20th, 23rd, Valencia (&San Carlos) and Dolores? This would strike me as being in the Castro or Dolores Heights

  8. $2M for a site plan with an unknown timeline for the other 2 properties. Also, it seems like a lot of extra cost in digging and shoring and retaining walls to do only the house on the right. Maybe this sale is what the developer needs to fund the other 2 and they can all get built together.

  9. Agree, Picky. I’ve seen that in a lot of recent new construction or remodels but I don’t like it either. If I were buying and building this I’d just nix that powder room for more kitchen space and/or wine storage. That still leaves 3 full baths. I get that Level 3 is the entertainment level of this house but come on.

  10. ^xx The Liberty Hill historic district is on the Mission side, bounded by 20th, 22nd, Dolores and Valencia. However, “Liberty Hill” has come to be synonymous with Dolores Heights in Real Estate marketing terms, and that hood has nebulous boundaries more determined by class than by absolute geography.
    Suffice to say a $6 million house is in Liberty Hill or Dolores Heights, and not in the Castro. 😉
    And Stucco-sux your comment is both offensive and inaccurate. And where the hell is Dilly Alley anyway? I’ve been gay in this town for 25 years and have never heard that reference.

  11. Hey Stucco-sux, thanks for reinforcing the stereotype that gay men hate straight people and slither around late at night having illicit sex in vacant lots and public places! We wouldn’t want to let the whole gay marriage issue tarnish our bad-boy image. May I suggest that you conduct your late night trysts in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom!

  12. One more comment on the “3900” development. I liked the original design much better, but apparently to save money the material on the skin is not nearly the same quality as the original design. Hopefully as the project progresses there will be a better quality facing on the structure. The design in general I like very much though. This project did not appear out of thin air. All of the neighbors were involved initially & were approving of the project.
    The 3 old structures (one built in 1909) on the hill above the proposed new construction were owned by several people through the decades. The one on east side was owned by an inventor who had to move due to advanced age and sold. The one on the west side was owned by an architect who did a poor job of remodeling it – think Wincester house in San Jose. They all have great views of downtown.

  13. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that the elevator appears to skip floors 2 & 4? The shaft is clearly shown, however there doesn’t appear to be any access to those floors from the car. Awkward.

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