1125 Market Street Site

Real estate developer MacFarlane Partners has purchased the vacant lot at 1125 Market Street with plans to construct a 12-story apartment building on the Mid-Market site according to the Business Times.

Located directly to the east of the old Strand Theater at 1127 Market Street which the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) has plans to renovate, “the site could accommodate a 113,000 square foot building, in addition to 3,500 square feet of retail” but is not currently entitled.

9 thoughts on “Plans For 12 New Stories And Perhaps A Store Along Market Street”
  1. Isn’t there a methadone clinic located right behind this lot? I really hope they close that down. Other than that, this is another round of great news for this area.

  2. I first visited SF in 1998 and moved here in late 2000. I was floored by the disrepair of Market St. west of 5th. I mean it goes downhill not in a matter of blocks, but a matter of buildings. With all the dotcom money and wealth in this town I really was shocked that mid-Market wasn’t redeveloped. I soon figured out why.
    Back to the site in question…start building ASAP.

  3. Yes, there’s a meth clinic behind there and it’s federally funded. I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere soon, sad. They’re putting in a CVS on the corner so hopefully that will kick start reviving this part horrible part of town. Just need to get rid of all the guys selling stolen goods on the corner and the Carl’s Jr. and donut store too.

  4. The Methadone Clinic is operated by a private doctor who owns the building. It faces on to Market and is one away from 7th Street.
    On the east side of the vacant lots is a building which ACT leases for its costume shop and contains a small theater space.

  5. Our best real estate agents are from LA Gals next door. Unfortanatly this spawning ground for agents has dried up. Language barriers @ local spas must be overcome to meet the mandates of 21st century. With over 75% of all folks under age 25 being non-while lets figure out ways to market this vacant lot so our next generation of real estate agents can get a foothold in a tough world

  6. All this frenzy of development going on in SF lately is government/federally funded. Remember, “You didn’t build that!”

  7. Too bad they didn’t make this new building taller… the more tall buildings that can be built to hide that butt-ugly Federal building, the better… ’tis a Concrete Battleship, m’laddos, the ugliest building you’ve ever seen!

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