733 Front #601 Living

Purchased for $2,150,000 soon after the sales office at 733 Front Street opened in early 2007, the two-bedroom number 601 has returned to the market listed for $2,195,000.

733 Front Street #601 Kitchen

As plugged-in people know, one-bedrooms in the building were selling for as much as 38 percent off 2007 prices back in 2010. And while not listed on the MLS, tax records and its condo map record #601 at 1,509 square feet, not including the balcony.

733 Front Street #601 Floor Plan

And yes, we know that simply selling for more than its purchase price wouldn’t technically be “in the black” (and that #601 isn’t representative of the entire building).

8 thoughts on “While The Kitchen Is Still Red, Is 733 Front Street Back In The Black?”
  1. Holly crap, it’s 2007 all over again!
    I’ll wait and rent it for $5k while tiny #406 w/o parking asking $3150 sits forever..

  2. Is that a desk blocking the kitchen entry?
    Cool views, but I hate all these places with an entry right onto a kitchen island and then a single “great” room…really that’s all the character you get for $2MM? A straight shot from the front door to the kitchen sink?
    And the closet with en suite bedroom reminds me of my college accommodations…

  3. Back in early 2007, when I was looking to buy a place, 733 Front was a place that I was definitely considering. I loved the location of the building: close proximity to the embarcadero, ferry building, north beach, etc. The view on the common roof top patio was pretty spectacular too.
    My only criticism, many units in this building have support beams/poles that are oddly placed inside the living space. You couldn’t really place your furniture around them; hence, waste of usable space.

  4. hotmess99: why do you think they’re selling? 🙂 in my neighborhood, the for-sale signs can follow building-permit notices fairly quickly.

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