Oscar Park Map

Slated to bring over an acre of green and outdoor recreation space to the Transbay neighborhood, the bulk of Oscar Park will reside between Clementina and Tehama Streets, extending north and south along the new Oscar Alley.

Oscar Alley Plan

In addition, “extensions of the park east to First Street, north to Howard Street, and south to Folsom Boulevard will provide enhanced pedestrian corridors that will facilitate pedestrian movements to and from the Terminal and Rincon Hill.”

On December 8, the initial designs for Oscar Park, Essex Street, and portions of the Folsom Streetscape will be presented for community feedback from 5:30 to 7:30pm in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts second floor conference room at 701 Mission Street.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by The Grouch

    …and say goodbye to any future tall buildings south of Folsom that might cast shadows on Oscar Park.

  2. Posted by kathleen

    lets go play under the L [elevated freeway]!

  3. Posted by morgan

    This money could be better spent on a rescue plan for repairing existing city parks and urban landscaping.

  4. Posted by Oscar The Grouch

    What about shadows?
    *I see my alter ego already beat me to it!

  5. Posted by Oscar Who

    So the bottom line is, anything half way nice that makes the city a sweeter place to live (the progressives hated “quality of life”) will be destroyed in less than two weeks by street people.

  6. Posted by sfrenegade

    Seems like the main goal of this project is to prevent more tall buildings, as Oscar said. This is a joke of a park. Some of it is already composed of parking lots and before the TBT roadway was taken down, lots of homeless people too. What do you expect in a back alley with lots of protection from the elements?

  7. Posted by LD

    Another slap in the face to the citizens of San Francisco. Have you been to the “park” under the freeway at Mission Bay? What a joke.

  8. Posted by Mole Man

    The Mission Bay park is really nice and gets heavy use despite the overpass being present. There are many potential customers for green space in this location. The propagation of small parks and parklets obviously raises the issue of the shadow rules, but those rules come from a time that prohibited most high rise development as well and public opinion has changed greatly since then.

  9. Posted by Jeffrey W. Baker

    Let’s hope they re-map Ecker between Folsom and Clementina, which was illegally closed with a gate on both ends by the developer of the building where the Mexican consul’s office now is.

  10. Posted by Blindingly Obvious

    The corner of Essex and Folsom is constructing a 100 unit building “for the chronically homeless.”
    This proposed park has ample coverage from the elements. If you drive down Essex today you can see many homeless already living beneath the exit ramp.
    The Essex on-ramp to 80 is a prime location for panhandlers.
    So you have a perfect storm of existing homeless, a facility to cater to the homeless, adequate coverage for additional homeless and a revenue stream for the homeless.
    I’m sure that will help the local property values tremendously. You go, progressives!
    How did the homeless get more care and consideration than home owners? Stupid, heartless question, I know. Shame on me!
    [Editor’s Note: Construction Commences On 120 Units At Folsom And Essex.]

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