153 Granville
On the market as “new,” the nicely detailed West Portal home at 153 Granville Way was listed for $1,189,000 in April before being withdrawn from the MLS asking $995,000 in July.
153 Granville Dining
While we’re not sold on what looks like a new addition off the back, we are digging the original woodwork and details, new finishes, and new “original” (at least according to those official industry stats) list price of $899,000 as well.
153 Granville Kitchen
∙ Listing: 153 Granville Way (4/2) – $899,000 [MLS]

11 thoughts on “No Reduction But A New List Price That’s $290,000 Less On Granville”
  1. What a great place from the pics. Great neighborhood, close to transit and the highway if you work in South bay. A SFH for under 900k in a good neighborhood. I didn’t see any square footage numbers so perhaps it’s small. size. I’d be curious to see what this ends up going for.

  2. In Georgia, realtors are forbidden from providing square footage information, stemming from a lawsuit many years ago. This information can be found on the internets in the tax records though.

  3. Regarding the statement “what looks like a new addition off the back” — if you look at the last listing photo you can see every house on the block has that same wonky room on stilts, so it’s original. Weird, but original.

  4. The problem with this house is that it is being advertised as a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom, but the downstairs was done without proper permits (so it is legally a 2/1). The back portion of the house is a little scary as well.

  5. Walked through when it 1st went on market at $1.189 and left shaking our heads. It was priced as if it were a 4/2 but as sferrer said, its a 2/1 (+ sunroom). The lower rooms are without permit and 2 of them have 6t 6in ceilings. Access to these is via a steep and narrow staircase. More steep stairs to the garage. Access to the garage is via a narrow alley. The original pics showed an MG in the driveway – a car this size is about the only thing that can navigate the turn to the garage. This also means there is zero back yard. At $899k this is closer to reality (the original space is nice) but there are many issues.

  6. Sorry, that little room is not original. Not only do the steel supports give it away as a more modern addition, but having been in this neighborhood when in high school, all these houses had small backyards and very few had garages, just tiny basements.

  7. Checked this out today, upstairs was well done.
    Downstairs, oh boy. If you can visually see where the floor slopes downwards, that’s never a good feeling.
    Super nice Block though, very well maintained homes.

  8. The sale of 153 Granville closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $845,000.
    Once again, the sale will be recorded and reported as “over asking” according to industry statistics depsite originally being listed for $1,189,000 in April, $995,000 in July, and $899,000 in August.

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