524 Howard Renderings

As we wrote in March with respect to 524 Howard Street, a 311-foot tall, 23-story building with 199,965 gross square feet of office space which was first approved back in 1989:

Since 2007, “the sponsor has not diligently pursued the necessary building permit approvals or otherwise sought to complete the project” and the existing parking lot has been operating without authorization. Tomorrow, the Commission will consider a request to re-authorize use of the site as a parking lot for another two years.

At the same time, the Commission will also hear an overview of the entitlement history for 524 Howard, after which “the Commission may wish to provide feedback to Department staff as to whether a future public hearing should be scheduled to consider revocation or extension of the previous approvals for office development at 524 Howard Street.”

Keep in mind that San Francisco’s Planning Code states, “Construction of an office development shall commence within eighteen (18) months of the date the project is first approved. Failure to begin work within that period, or thereafter to carry the development diligently to completion, shall be grounds to revoke approval of the office development.”

While the Commission approved the request to authorize the operation of this existing parking lot for an additional two years, tomorrow they will review the recommendation to revoke the office space allocation for the long-approved building on the property.

524 Howard Site

One thought on “Two More Years To Park At 524 Howard (And Perhaps Much Longer)”
  1. It would be a big mistake for the owners to let the allocation slip considering the strength of the commercial market in SOMA these days. Plus, with the highest demand for deconstructed ‘creative’ space, they wouldn’t even have to finish the floors!

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